A woman was declared lifeless by the first responders when she was checked. She was sent to a funeral parlor for the last services but the attendants were surprised to find out that she was not dead and that she was still breathing.

The name of the 20-year old woman has not been released by officials. According to sources the paramedics who came tried to revive her, but she was declared dead. Her family made arrangements for her funeral, reported ABC News. 

It was on Sunday at the James H. Cole Funeral Home, when she woke up and went to a hospital for examination. The authorities have yet to figure out what happened. 

According to the mortuary, in a statement to ABC News, they said it was rare for the parlor to comment on such circumstances. The then deceased was picked up on Sunday, August 23, after a call asking them to pick up the Southfield woman who had just died. When they arrived at the James H. Cole Funeral Home, the woman resumed breathing. Immediately they call the EMS to help assist the woman, reported Just the News. 

Chief Menifee reaffirmed that the woman was indeed lifeless when paramedics arrived.

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Another statement was released last Monday, which included a certification that a doctor declared the woman deceased with information from the Southfield Fire Department paramedics. It was clarified that Menifee made an error saying that the Oakland Medical Examiner's Office said she was dead.

With no foul play found, the Southfield Police Department told the Oakland County Medical Examiner's Office of the police report. Permission by the on-duty forensic pathologist at the coroner's gave clearance to have the body picked up. Soon after the arrangements were done with the funeral parlor for pickup, the final rights will be held, cited KPQ.

 Another statement was issued by the Southfield Fire and Police Departments that will examine the process and protocols in the case. Also, there will be a probe into Oakland County Medical Control Authority with the results sent to the Michigan Bureau of EMS, Trauma, and Preparedness.

In any case, the staff of the James H. Cole Funeral home called the DFD, when they took her to the home and found her alive when they got there. Said Dave Fornell, deputy commissioner DFD, ABC News, noted Independent UK.

Fornell remarked that the call from the funeral home never mentioned anyone revived from the dead. The EMS sent there never realized she was thought dead.

They got there in time or she was revived in time or else she would have been embalmed alive. Fornell said they were very surprised by what happened.

She was sent to the Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. Further information was kept due to uncanny circumstances.

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