If you are in quarantine, you may be looking for ways to stay entertained. TV can be a good distraction and give you something new to discuss. Whether you are home alone or isolating with your family, you will be grateful you have some addictive viewing material to immerse yourself in over the next few weeks.

In the following article, we discuss how TV is bringing people back together, even when restrictions are keeping us physically apart:

How to Watch Live TV

If you are wondering how to watch live TV, there are a few solutions available. If you have cable, you can watch all of your favorite shows as soon as they air. Streaming services are also popular, and the list includes Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you subscribe to Cox, you can enhance your TV viewing with voice remote commands. The Cox Contour Stream player is a user-friendly device that can be used to stream via different apps, even if you don't have a cable outlet nearby.

Staying Connected

Once you have set up your TV channels, it is time to reconnect with others. Watching with your friends is always more fun, and you can do this in a number of ways. Depending on your preference, you may like to use video chat, a simple phone call, or a group text messaging service.

If you are going to watch together, everyone will need to have access to the same show, and be prepared to tune in at the same time! It is easy to feel isolated during quarantine, but when you share this experience with those you care about, it will help you keep in touch. Plus, talking about television is always a good conversation starter!

Consider Creating a Daily Routine

When you are at home every day, it can be tempting to stay in your sleepwear all day. Having a routine can give your time structure, and it will be good for your mental health. Give yourself goals each day, such as a 30-minute workout, and tick off at least one task that is on your to-do list. Don't forget to get dressed each morning!

Consider having a set TV time as this will make it feel like a reward. You won't feel guilty when you sit down and watch a movie or binge a show if your chores are done. Ask your friends and family from other states to virtually meet you when it's TV time, and make it a party!

Give Yourself a Break

You may have periods where you feel worried, scared, or bored during your quarantine. Watching TV can give you a much-needed break and completely change your mood. As you immerse yourself in quality viewing, you will laugh, cry, or be scared by the on-screen antics. Just like a good book, a TV show, movie, sports match, or an award ceremony can be blissfully addictive for a few hours. 

TV in Quarantine

While in quarantine, watching TV could be a way to make the time go by more quickly. A good show can be a reward for completing other tasks around the house and give you something new to chat about. If your friends or family share a similar passion for television, you can watch your favorite shows virtually together.