John McAfee has the reputation for eccentricity, and the frontman of one of the biggest software vendors. It was posted on Twitter last Monday that he was apprehended for not wearing a face covering. Instead, what he wore over his mouth is a thong underwear that he defended profusely, cited Daily Mirror.

He remarked that he was waiting for government big shots to come. But, he called them slow b----ds. Later, he posted it on his Twitter account.

He later said that it was safe to wear, and he refused to follow the rules. He also posted about authority and wearing masks.

He said that he will not attend the Red Scarf Society meeting, and apologized for it. Puns were given about the authorities who were intent on the mask rules, saying its better to cajole them.

During his arrest, his wife would be handling his Twitter account, and she mentioned about him escaping, or bribing someone, or get the lawyer who will fix everything. Generally saying that her husband will be out in no time.

According to McAfee's wife, it was not about the thong mask on his face but he refused to wear an approved face mask. Both McAfee and his wife were not wearing approved masks. Instead of arresting the couple, the official decided to arrest McAfee only.

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Mrs. McAfee justified her husband's claim that masks are for bacteria, not preventing viral infection. To put the point across, there were pictures of him with a lace thong colored black wearing it.

 She recorded a video from their private jet as she left him in Norway, and head back to Munich where they reside in.

 On the plane, she wrote that the software specialist told her to go back. He just told his wife that everything would be fine, and he will be free in no time.

 Later in a tweet, he informed that he was back in Belarus, but with a black eye, and non-plussed about anything.

He added that it was not possible to relate what happened in Norway, and whatever followed. Some annoyance was expressed but enough sleep will do wonders for him.

Later Tuesday, he told everyone it was a prank, taking to Twitter to share images of news bit about his would be arrest.

He mentioned about the MSM fat check stories, which he said no and showed other things related to his so-called arrest in Norway. His arrest was big news to the media as well.

According to McAfee, the media mentions Norway where he was arrested, but it was not trure.

The Swiss Blick reported all the photos were situated at the airport in Augsburg, Germany, that was near Munich. German authorities cleared that McAfee was never arrested, but he would be quarantined if he was there.

To clear up the air, he tweeted he was in Belarus and that it was just a prank getting arrested for wearing a thong.

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