After being born with his internal organs outside his body, a four-year-old boy who was once believed to have only a five percent chance of surviving has left the hospital.

Max Staines, was considered a 'miracle baby' after he was born 'inside out' with gastroschisis, a condition where his liver, stomach, and bowels outside are his body. Recently, Max left the hospital after beating the odds and surviving despite his condition.

According to Mirror, Max's mother, Lauren was informed of her baby's condition while only on the 12th week of pregnancy. During her 12-week scan, medics that attended to her advised her of the very low odd of her son surviving. It was also added that the mother was also given the option to abort the child.

However, Lauren, who was formerly a cabin crew member, refused to abort her child. Her decision turned out to be right as Max defied the predictions of the doctors. After four years of appointments that followed the surgery that saved his life at births, Max has finally left St. George's hospital in London this June.

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Conceiving a 'Miracle Baby'

Lauren also narrated that back in January of 2016, when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Max, the doctors confirmed that Max's bowels and liver were situated outside his body. However, they were not yet able to determine the severity of the damage to the organs caused by the fluid from the amniotic sac until the day he was born.

In a report by Opera News, it was stated that despite the possibility of her child not surviving, Lauren was able to enjoy a successful pregnancy. She did not experience cramps, tiredness, or sickness. Nevertheless, despite the easiness of the pregnancy every week that passed added concern that the baby's organs were being damaged further.

A full birth plan was laid out by St. George's expert surgeons for Max's birth. However, in April of 2016, Lauren became worried after noticing that her baby had not moved or kicked inside her stomach all day. Thus she decided to visit a local hospital to make sure he is safe.

During that time, doctors found out that Max's heart rate had dropped, prompting them to perform an emergency c-section. After which, the baby was immediately transferred to St. George for surgery in order to place his internal organs back inside his body.

Lauren also noted that she was not able to meet her son for nine hours after he was born since he was transferred to St. George's in a rush and she was still indisposed from giving birth. But her hopes sparked when the surgeon came out of the operating room and informed her that they were able to successfully place the child's organs inside his body.

Since his operation, Max has been closely monitored by medical professionals from St. George during their regular appointments.

Meanwhile, after her terrifying yet successful experience as a mother of a 'miracle child,' Lauren has chosen to raise awareness and offer hope to parents who are going through similar situations.

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