Easily Edit PDF Documents with Kdan PDF Reader

Covering all your needs, Kdan PDF Reader is the best PDF editor on the market that lets you view, convert, edit, and secure PDF documents whether you are on mobile or desktop. You can quickly backup and send files to colleagues, friends or others via email or any other applications.  It helps maintain your work quality and productivity with ease. 

The Best Alternative to Adobe Reader

Superior to Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader, Kdan PDF Reader is a comprehensive PDF software that transfers the designs of user experience and user interface in mobile apps to desktop software. It's the first PDF editor aimed at mobile working on the market that helps users to work easily anywhere and anytime. Now you can access Kdan PDF Reader on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Easily Edit PDF Documents with Kdan PDF Reader

Superb PDF Editing Tools

The editing process typically involves correction, organization, condensation and other changes to perfect documents. With Kdan PDF Reader, we can add highlights, text boxes, signatures, notes, and other annotations. It is equipped with a complete set of PDF editing tools. 

Convert a PDF File From And To An Editable Document

Sometimes when we get a file in PDF form or other formats, it is a bit of a challenge to convert it to a word document or any editable document. Kdan PDF Reader has made that task so easy, as it has the feature of Converter from which we can easily convert a PDF file from and to an editable document in Microsoft Office, Text, HTML, RTF, ePUB or MOBI format.

Manage and Organize PDFs

We can easily rotate, delete or extract PDF pages in a PDF file. It also supports splitting large PDF documents into separate and smaller files. It really makes you work smarter when you receive or send a large PDF file.

Add Security to PDFs

Kdan PDF Reader secures documents with file encryption and PDF watermarks. It also allows users to share password protected download links to ensure the file isn't easily disclosed to others. Whether you're working for a business or are a student, PDF Reader protects your files at all stages of the workflow.

Sync Your File With Mainstream Cloud Storage Services

Kdan PDF Reader supports transferring files from email, web, and mainstream cloud storage services. By connecting with Kdan Cloud or other cloud storage services, users can log in on any device to sync their documents and seamlessly transfer documents from one device to another. 

Friendly Pricing Plans to Meet Different Needs

There are subscription and one-time purchase plans to get advanced features such as OCR and Converter. A special price for teams is available as well. For the developers, there's Kdan PDF SDK library that supports to render, manipulate and annotate PDF files to their applications. Users can choose any option that works best for their document needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and download Kdan PDF Reader to make your life productive.