A Chinese shipbuilder will be constructing an advanced amphibious assault ship that will be similar to the U.S. Marine Corps Wasp-class carriers. The PLA intends to match the U.S. Navy capacities but is not expected to be better than the original.

The PLA wants to have light a carrier that will load rotorcraft and drones to assist their marine corps in fighting in the seas. As of now, the specs are unknown and it's still uncertain if the ship can come close to the USS America in capabilities.

According to planners, the ship will be close to the Type 075 landing helicopter deck. But it is touted to have an electromagnetic catapult launch system that is equipped on the latest US aircraft carrier, cited Naval Technology.

Every shipbuilder and military enthusiast is abuzz about the next Chinese warship called the Type 076, which is searched on most websites on military topics.

The proposed design for the advanced amphibious assault ship came from the China Shipbuilding Group that is an official government contractor. No official go-signal is given to start work on building the ships, which will take approximately five years to finish.

Li Jie, a naval commentator, mentions the ship is not designed for Taiwanese invasion only. It will be facing the capable light carriers of the U.S. Navy that has STOL stealth F-35s on deck. The J-20 is yet to fly in numbers and Type 076s have yet to realize the claims.

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Rumor Type O76 specifications

The light carrier will have a total displacement of 40,000 tons, which will be third in size to similar American naval that is considered the most advanced warships. Chinese adherents claim that specs are yet to be revealed, according to Reuters.

The advanced amphibious assault ship can carry up a total of 30 helicopters, as well as all the landing vehicles and equipment needed by the marines to land and carry-on operations. The rotorcraft will be used to assist in landing operations.

The PLA Navy has just launched its second Type 075 LHD about three months back, but they are not in active duty yet.

According to the Ordinance Industry Science Technology, light carriers are mobile bases that can launch quick attacks on ships and land targets.

Even if China can build an advanced amphibious assault ship or two, they are behind the U.S. in technology. America is adapting to its new adversary.

The PLA is intent on bolstering the Chinese military with the addition of five light helicopter carriers, based on Type 071 from 2016. Having these ship are meant to give the Chinese extra boost in their warfighting capacity that is exceeded by the U.S. with drones and capable support systems that the PLA is yet to develop.

Li added that having an electromagnetic catapult on Type 075 will need modifications to the ship itself. One problem is that even their American counterparts are experiencing problems with their versions.

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