The U.S. assured to support Japan in a dispute over Chinese ships in the East China Sea as the "Sleeping Giant" tries to steal the islands from the Japanese.

Japan has been a longtime ally of the Americans pledging support if the Chinese attempts force to claims. This was affirmed by the Commander of US Forces Japan last Wednesday.

The East China Sea is one of the flashpoints like the South China Sea, and recently the Indian Ocean as well. As China tries to get away with its modus operandi that worked in the SCS, they are dealing with the Japanese, reported New York Post.

Lt. Gen. Kevin Schneider, said that the United States is fully committed to assisting the Japanese in the heated situation in the Senkakus. The CCP is intent on ramrodding Japan for ownership if it can be done like Vietnam and the Philippines.

He stressed that it will be each day of the year, twenty-hours each day, and seven-days each week.

The Commander affirmed that vow to bolster Japan, seeing the US as its only ally. When the Chinese fishing will be suspended in August, they will be massing close to the Senkakus, cited Japan Times.

U.S. Forces of Japan went ahead and accused both the PLA and the Chinese Military of getting aggressive and overtly threatening countries in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are willing to use force to get what they want in the SCS and the ECS. They've consistently used their military to bully those legitimate claimants whose territories they've grabbed very unlawfully.

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The CCP says they have the right to 90-percent of the South China Sea, which is false as other nations like Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines have more legal rights to the area.

Beijing says its peaceful, but its belligerence is evident as it hold bases house military hardware used to threaten their neighbors. By definition, the CCP has enacted a silent conquest starting when it lied to President Obama in 2015.

China used the falsely informed nine-dash line to claim about 1.3 million square miles of the South China Sea. An international tribunal has rejected their claims but the CCP has gone ahead to claim it anyway.

The U.S. rejected and called the alleged claims of China a sham that include areas with potential natural resources the communists want to control. It drew vitriol from Beijing that blistered from continual attacks on its SCS claims.

Mike Pompeo stoked the fire in several statements that call the CCP-led mainland government as having the worst basis for any claims in the region. His attention was called to the intimidation and bullying that has left Filipino and Vietnamese fishermen drowning because their militia rammed these boats intentionally, confirmed New York Times.

He said that China resources are not solely Beijing claim and other nations have a stake, citing their bullying tactics instead of peaceful settlement of disputes. 

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