YouTube is a social media platform where views are important and creators will do everything to increase it. The challenge culture has led creators to engage in very risky behaviors in order to increase their views and to gain more subscribers.

Most YouTubers take advantage of trending challenges like eating Tide Pods and spoonfuls of cinnamon to achieve fame overnight, but sometimes these extreme challenges do more harm than good. Here are some of the craziest things that YouTubers have done for views.

One Million Calorie Lasagna by Epic Meal Time

One of the most expensive and grossest lasagna ever made was featured in Epic Meal Time's 1 million-calorie lasagna video.

The Canadian YouTubers used 15 bricks of lard, 60 boxes of duck fat, 10 cartons of cream, and 5 bricks of butter to make their highest caloric recipe. They mixed the ingredients together and added eight wheels of brie and 10 bags of mozzarella for a total of 1,014,721 calories and 32,362 grams of fat.

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Pool Drop #8 by 8booth

The channel 8booth might not be as high up as the channel that jumps from roofs but this YouTuber jumps down from buildings into shallow swimming pool water in a very dangerous feat that should not be attempted by anyone, especially amateurs. In his eighth video, he landed on his feet right beside the pool before he fell into the water.

The creator shattered both of his feet, and according to him, he saw bone fragments in the water of the pool while he was dragging himself out. The gruesome video shows how broken both of his feet were, as they were out of place.

KCLA9 interviewed 8booth after his foot surgery, and he said that even after the horrifying accident he will still jump. However, the creator got sentenced to community service and probation for four misdemeanors of unauthorized entry and trespassing.

13,600 Liter Pool with Mentos by Prankster

 Prankster, a famous German YouTuber, decided to create a human mento and coke experiment. He went on to fill an inflatable pool with 13,600 liters of Coca-Cola. According to him, it took them four days to fill the entire inflatable pool, and in the video, people can see that the backyard was filled with plastic bottles.

After the inflatable pool was filled with Coca-Cola, one of the members of his team taped thousands of mentos all over his body to make him a human mento before he dived into the pool.

Fortunately, he did not explode or fizz as much as people expected. He did look like he was in a bit of pain. With all of the effort to fill up the pool and tape his body with mentos, the result was not as exciting as people hoped.

Shark fishing by Dude Perfect

The creator Dude Perfect went fishing with his team, but not to catch actual fish, but to catch sharks in the ocean. The challenge involved five members of his team, and they tried to catch as many sharks as they can, from noon till midnight.

All of the sharks that the team caught were released back into the ocean, but some of the members of the team were nibbled on by the sharks.

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