South Carolina officials declared that the death of a three-year-old boy who lives at a Columbia apartment complex was due to an accidental firing to himself.

At around 6 pm, a call regarding the shooting at the Wyndham pointe Apartments on Brighton Hill Road was reported to the Richland County Sheriff Office's Deputies, but when they arrive at the area, the family of the toddler already rushed him to the hospital.

A witness at the scene shared to responding officers that the boy who is identified by the county coroner on Thursday as Liam Myers, had fired the gun accidentally pointing towards his head.

The three-year-old boy was pronounced dead by the medical staff of the hospital an hour after the reported incident.

In a redacted incident report obtained by DailyMail, the gun which is accidentally used is a Glock 45. However, officials are still questioning as to how the boy had access to the loaded firearm.

But during the investigation at the apartment, a 9mm semi-automatic handgun was later found by the police under a mattress.

Based on the report, some adults were in the apartment having conversations including the 22-year-old mother of Liam but they suddenly heard the gunshot, Officials clarified that Liam is not living at the apartment where the tragic accident happened. The three-year-old boy lived with his family at an apartment complex in northwest Columbia.

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On Thursday, members of Liam's family mourn due to the tragic death of the child.

Liam's aunt shared multiple photos of him laughing and playing along with his cousins, wherein she wrote on her status update that Liam was the only son of his younger brother.

She also added, 'Rest in Heaven Young King I love you, baby boy.'

In his social media account, the father of Liam, Devin Myers, he expressed his grief and revealed that an hour before the shooting incident, Liam called him, asking him to come and stay at his house.

As of Thursday afternoon, authorities are still investigating the shooting, and no arrested person or suspects yet.

Liam's father Devin Myers, who is part of the black community, appeared on the national headlines in August of 2019 when he was spotted in a viral Facebook live video being detained by officers of the Michigan police department for almost 20 minutes after a white woman reported to 911 that he Devin looks suspicious while she was parking her car in Royal Oak, WIS-TV reported.

Throughout the whole process, Myers remained calm and by the time that the supervising officers arrived at the scene, he was allowed to leave eventually.

The supposed civil rights investigation by the state attorney general in order to force resignation on one of the officers who stopped Myers was delayed and lost its spark.

But a month later, Myers was arrested in Michigan after a charge filed against him for fleeing state police stemming from an accident that happened July of 2019, wherein Myers allegedly led police on a chase with a speed up to 124 mph.

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