Some crazy conspiracy theories have been going viral since the pandemic, but in July 2020 one of the most bizarre theory emerged wherein one would Google a 3-digit number, and add new cases to reveal another a COVID-19 conspiracy theory.

Those who refuse to believe that the coronavirus pandemic does exist say it is a hoax, reported USA Today. As a rumor, it is riddled with falsehoods meant to make those gullible to buy into it.

Most of the content that is perpetuated by this lie is not even validation through inquiry, just pure speculation. One idea is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the darker Easter bunny or the government bogeyman.  

If anyone ascribes to it, then they will run into many problems to convince others that the conspiracy is real.

Where does everything start from?

It says that one needs to type the numbers, extra letters and new cases in Google. All the input was done to test what the rumor said, but the results were referring to COVID-19 cases all going up. Other combos were tried to test it out further. What happened was a search for older entries that took time to display.

Were the results odder than usual?

There's nothing out of the ordinary. Other people claiming extraordinary results is just usual in the online world. Perhaps those proponents are just magnifying something very ordinary. Nothing is new with claims of COVID-19 that is not so known already, just like many reports that are bordering on questionable claims.

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The first COVID-19 case in the US was first detected in January 2020. From that time on, the contagion has moved on to the other 50 states. It has been 200 days from the first cases of COVID-19 that have been compiled and reported by the CDC. The coverage has been wide and there are numerous articles about the pandemic.

Next a whole series of numbers that mention that 10,000 reports might have the three-digit number as ascribed in the conspiracy. It was mentioned that 19,500 municipal governments in the US leads to a daily increase in 200 days that is already losing any coherence to rambling wildly.

Ultimately, the ramble of numbers meanders when other more reliable and affiliated entities are more credible online than the rumored 'new cases'. Overall, the conspiracy about COVID-19 does not make sense.

Supporters have a staunch belief that all the scientific data and reports are a big lie.

What the conspiracy says is that everything about the coronavirus is an elaborate hoax. It claims that Google is hiding the truth from everyone. However, that's an ironic claim since everyone knows that Google strives to deliver accurate information.

Still, some stick to the 3-number combo and adding 'new cases' Google search as more reliable than any search engine. It even added that the COVID pandemic does not exist.

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