An arson investigation has been initiated in a fire incident that flared out on Saturday in the western French city of Nantes, as stated by the city's Mayor Johanna Rolland.

Rolland uttered that what she was certain of is that she has witnessed three different fire outbreaks when asked about the fire that broke out at the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which has been controlled.

Officials stated the flames tore down the cathedral's grand organ and blew out stained glass windows of the 15th-century building in Nantes.

A prosecutor claimed on the scene that the fire incident is considered as a criminal act. According to Pierre Sennes, three fires had been established at the site.

Fire Chief Laurent Ferlay stated during a press briefing in front of the cathedral that the witnessed fire outbreak was not as the fire in April 2019 that engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral, adding that the damage caused by the recent fire incident was not that big, CNN reported.

On Saturday, Ferlay confirmed that the city of Nantes is in different situations with the Notre Dame of Paris, noting that the Cathedral's rooftop has not been affected by the fire.

In 1970, a fire destroyed the cathedral's roof and after 13 years was rebuilt with a concrete structure as a replacement to the ancient wood roof.

According to Ferlay, the damage was wholly directed to the organ where the fire broke out behind it, which appeared to have been completely destroyed. He added that the platform has a tendency to collapse since it was very unstable.

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The fire chief added that 104 firefighters were present on the scene and will remain all day long.

Images and video footage were taken on the scene revealed orange flames lighting up the building and smoke swirling out of the soaring Gothic structure's front windows.

On Twitter, Emmanuel Macron, President of France, tweeted his encouragement to the firefighters who put out the fire during the incident on Saturday.

Macron wrote that after the fire in Notre-Dame, the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which is located in the heart of the city of Nantes, was on fire. On his tweet, he added words of support to the firefighters who took all the risks to keep the city of Dukes' gothic gem.

According to Euronews, on Saturday morning, French Prime Minister Jean Castex proclaimed solidarity on a tweet to the people of Nantes. He added that the firefighters who courageously moved to contain the fire in the city's Cathedral have his support, expressing his gratitude to the brave actions which have been done.

The Prime Minister added that he will pay a visit to the city of Nantes on Saturday afternoon together with France's Interior Minister, and Culture Minister.

Nantes Mayor Johanna Roland said the fire that broke out in the city's Cathedral on Saturday does not seem comparable with the previous fire incident that happened in 1972 at the cathedral.

Regional firefighters warned the public in an earlier tweet advising everyone to stay away from the area and not to interfere with the rescue squad.

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