A US official took a hardline stance against China's gangster tactics and will actively hinder their claims in the South China Sea. A statement from the State Department was released to confirm this last Tuesday.

David Stillwell from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, mentioned in an online forum if Beijing keeps the Philippines from its rightful Scarborough Shoal or make an outpost. He gave a hint that it will be something China will regret, reported USNI.

He added that four years ago, an international arbitration panel favored the Philippines in ownership of Scarborough Shoals like a rogue state they ignored it he added.

The US draws a hardline

 According to the Air Force brigadier general, the US will step it up and not be neutral.

 Last Monday, the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Beijing is breaking the law in their maritime claims in the SCS. Only the 12 nautical miles will be acceptable for their occupied islands or coasts. Stillwell added that the US will oppose the overreaching claims of the Communists, cited New York Times.

Freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) will be the means to defy China's claims that will be done by carrier strike groups and flying over contested territories. This was mentioned as support by Stillwell.

 When the state department sent the message to China, the USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114) did a FONOPs

In the Spratly Islands: illegal claims

 The US Navy said that the FONOPs conducted were aimed at China's illegal claim of the Spratly Islands with other places as well. US steps up from recent CSGs training in the South China Sea.

According to the US, China's illegal expansion in the South China Sea is a violation of international law that threatens all nations in the Indo-Pacific. The communist wants to keep resources to themselves not share with the South China Sea littoral nations.

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Stillwell added that the US and other nations are keen on making China account for its actions.

China should step back from its claims from legal Philippine territory because the Philippines has a mutual defense treaty with the US. Military action looms if there is an escalation in these places.

He added that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are calling out the communists for bullying and coercion must be resolved without force. The US is telling China to follow or face the consequences.

Adding that the communists cannot just sign and ignore unlawful agreements.

Not complying with the Permanent Court of Arbitration

China not complied with the ruling in the international Permanent Court of Arbitration that ruled in favor of the Philippines. It said that the outcroppings on Scarborough Shoal is not theirs and China was imagining its historical rights or claims.

The Spratly Islands are militarized and a base to coerce and intimidate less capable nations in the SCS, which forces the US to intervene, confirmed DW.

Stillwell calls the moves of Beijing like Great Britain's East India Company in the era of colonialism. The Chinese manipulate and seeks to domineer the globe at every avenue it can, which ties the state to Chinese businesses.

China is actively attacking and preventing other nations from accessing their rightful resources that Beijing is purloining. It took US ships to stop Chinese vessels from menacing oil exploration in Malaysia, which the communists belched at. Any ship gets a warning not to cross 'claimed areas' but the Chinese get ignored most of the time.

 The Scarborough Shoal should not be militarized and communists are creating tension that is a dangerous powder keg. 

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