Everyone dreams about having a perfect figure or washboard abs. One of the most common new-year resolutions every year is to lose weight and be beach ready in time for summer. January begins with a new zest for life and motivation. We shop for sexy swimsuits because we are so sure that those extra 10 pounds will soon be a thing of the past and we will hit the beach ready to strut our stuff with a smoking hot bod that will be the envy of all. Yet somehow the zeal soon fades, you get sick of the hard work and decisions and come summer we're in the market for sarongs and wraps to strategically cover up and hide the flab.

Here are the top lifestyle choices and tips to achieve sexy, toned muscles and killer self confidence that will make you irresistible. 

Stick to an eating plan

Don't rely on fad diets. Lifestyle change means that you have to find a healthy eating plan you can stick to. A low-carb approach has proven most beneficial for most people. This approach means that you have to learn how to make better food choices. Calorie counting is a thing of the past. A low-carb lifestyle shifts your consumption from problematic foods - items that are high sugar and carbs and lack sufficient fibre, like pasta, bread, donuts, and drinks - towards high protein and high fibre choices, like healthy meats, vegetables, beans and dairy. Finding the right plan to lose stomach fat can make sticking to your choices much easier.

Keep moving

Staying active helps to burn abdominal fat. Cardiovascular exercise, coupled with an abs routine melts off belly fat in particular because it reduces the levels of insulin circulating in your body and causes the liver to utilize visceral fat deposits. Insulin otherwise signals the body to hold on to fat. Adding a six pack abs routine to your exercise regime can really do wonders. For most people, exercising 30-60 minutes at moderate to vigorous levels is advised by health practitioners. The biggest benefit of including exercise to your day is that you get marvellous results for just a short while spent working out as long as you do it regularly. 

Focus on getting stronger

Lift weights. Don't obsess about what the scales says and focus on increasing your strength. Adding some strength training to your daily cardio builds lean muscle mass, resulting in more calorie burn throughout the day, both during workouts and rest. The more you try to push your limits, the better. Think about leaving your comfort zone, follow your meal plan, work out, and trying to live a full life and you will feel much better about yourself. Strong is the new sexy. It will make you more confident in your everyday dealings. 

Read labels when shopping 

Always compare food choices while shopping. Compare different brands and pick foods with low fat and carbs. Some products that boast being low in fat, are often much higher in added sugar and carbs than others. We usually don't pay mind to sauces like gravy, mayonnaise, ketchup and salad dressings which often hide high amounts of fat and calories. These can throw us off our targets. Ensure that you choose foods that fit your diet plan. 

Eliminate processed foods from your diet

Packaged snack foods often contain ingredients that are heavy on Trans fats, added salt or sodium and additional sugar - These three things make it harder to lose weight. Stick to a diet plan to lose stomach fat for best results.

Focus on the way your clothes fit

As you lose weight and add muscle mass, you may not see a huge change reflected on the weighing scale. Do not let that disappoint you. As long as your clothes fit better and your pants are looser, that is a much better sign of progress. Stick to your six pack routine and measure your waistline regularly.  

Hang out with like-minded friends

It has been proven that the company you keep has a direct effect on your health goals. Partnering up for your workouts and having people around you that share your fitness goals is a huge motivator. You are more likely to eat better and stay motivated to exercise if your friends and family support you.

Stick to it

Once you make these changes to your lifestyle, stick to it. You will feel that you have renewed energy. You will feel a sense of empowerment by achieving your goals. Consistency is important in order to see results... and soon you will be flaunting your jaw-dropping beach body to the envy of others.