America's enemies were nothing to these six tours of duty veteran, but he ended his own life.

As a soldier, he was known as Captain America who was never broken by his six tours of duty. When he came back home, the enemy inside him took over, and tore him inside out, reported Fox 5.

Six tours for Captain America

Master Sgt. Andrew Christian Marckesano went on in a six tour service to his country. In these combat tours, he received a Green Beret and a Silver Star as a soldier in the US Army, confirm Daily Mail.

Having moved to the nation's capital and starting a job in the Pentagon soon, everything seemed alright.

Just two days after Independence Day, he went out to dinner with his former battalion leader where things just unraveled. When Marckesano got home, he did the unthinkable and killed himself in front of his wife.

Veteran's death struck home

When news of his death came, many in his military circle were shocked. Most of them in the service did not expect that he'll take his own life. Fox News was told of his tour in 2009 at the Arghandab Valley, in Afghanistan. During that year, the unit he served in the 2-508 Battalion suffered many losses in the Afghan conflict. Former commanding Sgt Major Bert Puckett mentioned that it was a rough time for everyone.

Before the death, Marckesano's said he was available anytime and ready to talk. He was saying things about what they did and even mentioned unthinkable things that they did. He stressed they needed to help each other and made mention of the valley, not letting it win.

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His suicide is just the 30th in the battalion to end it abruptly and just another from his unit. People don't know it, but 20 veterans die by their own hands each day. The deaths of these men are trying to be prevented by the military and the White House. Many are not aware that President Trump started the PREVENTS Task Force to find ways for combat veterans to cope and prevent them from committing suicide. He calls them heroes who need help because the enemy is within them.

Another from the 2-508 Battalion, Staff Sgt Allen Thomas also ended his life by suicide in 2013. He left a wife and two daughters who were at the President's program for vet assistance with The Independence Fund and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Be a Hero for a Hero. The purpose is to patch residual battle shock in retreats for vets at home.

A 24/7 Veterans Crisis Line, 1-800-273-8255 can be called for consulting vets who need someone to talk to. The Trump administration declares the right of war veterans for care at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) cost, cited American Mental Wellness.

Thomas served three tours of duty with the 82nd Airborne. In one tour, he was one of the casualties of a suicide bomber. Having survived and sent back state-side but suffered from post-traumatic stress. All problems brought on by combat was not given enough attention by the Veteran's Administration, mentioned Law Enforcement Today.

American heroes died: where are the parades

Before killing himself, Thomas killed two people but he was someplace as he broke down mentally. Another addition to US army death is "Captain America" Marckesano. People are now asking where are the marches to honor their death and service to the country.  

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