Jaden Smith is a 21-year-old rapper whose name could be seen in the news headlines for several reasons. In the past few months, Jaden has been vocal with his sexuality. He admitted being in a relationship with Tyler, the creator, his fellow rapper.

However, the news that brought his name in news headlines was about the young rapper's startling health conditions. For almost a year, Jaden's health conditions have been circulating on different media platforms. Back in September 2019, Jaden was subject to a public health intervention. His parents placed the intervention before the public on "Red Table Talk".

It is known that Jaden is the son of Will Smith, a remarkable actor and rapper, and actor Jada Pinkett Smith. The Smiths are known in the industry as one of the best families.

In a statement by the Smith family, Jaden became unhealthy and had been enduring agony due to nutritional imbalance, Newsbreak reported.

Jada and Will are being worried about the health condition of Jaden. Several times, they have been vocal about their concerns regarding their son's current health status. In September 2019, Jaden turning pale has been noticed by many. He looked like not receiving adequate nourishment. Reportedly, Jaden's health has been decreasing since 2019 and that the young rapper has faced nutritional imbalance.

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Last year, it was no secret that the young Smith turned a Vegan. According to Will Smith, Jaden's Veganism is the primary cause of the nutritional imbalance that he has been facing. His body is not suited for Veganism, rather it worsens his condition. Within the span of time of going vegan, unhealthy pallor and weakness symptoms started to show up.

Will, set a "Smith Family Meeting" where Jaden's health and possible ways to improve his health condition were discussed by the entire family. While both Will and Jada are anxious regarding the present health status of their young man, they are making every effort they can to help Jaden with his illness; his fans are consistently advising him to seek medical advice.

Jaden has insufficient Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3. These inadequacies are leaving his health behind and causing his body to stop from recovering. Treatment will alleviate his condition, but it will take long before he totally recovers.

The rapper was prompted to push toward a healthier and more balanced diet. He was advised to increase his intake of protein that took a beating after his brief tryst with the food fad.

Back in January Editorials 99 reported that Jaden said people surrounding him were very concerned about his health condition. People have been asking him if he was unwell and if they could like to pick him up or get him some water. As stated by the young artist, his reaction every time people ask about how he was feeling, was basically he's fine and feeling good.

Being a vegetarian is not an awful thing, but in Jaden's case, it has devastated his well-being like never before. The Smith family expressed their desire for Jaden to get better and normally continue his life.

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