NEW YORK - Just a month prior to the restart of the games in Orlando, the center of the Brooklyn Nets DeAndre Jordan has tested positive with COVID-19 prompting him to opt-out for the next month's pick up of the regular season in Florida, announcing it on Monday.

The NBA veteran center shared on his Twitter account that he only found out last night of the unwanted incident and he confirmed it again today after being in the Market.

Jordan also cleared that he will not be part of the roster of the Brooklyn that will be playing in the resumption of the season in Orlando, CBS Sports reported.

According to the sources, the agent of Jordan together with Excel Sports informed the Nets management regarding the decision of Jordan on Monday.

Aside from the Brooklyn Nets center Jordan, their guard Spencer Dinwiddie also tested positive with coronavirus, but based on the statement he had given to The Athletic, he has not yet officially ruled himself out of the Orlando games picture.

Moreover, Nets' forward Wilson Chandler also opted out of the season's restart on Sunday as he shared on ESPN that he is concerned about his family.

Prior to the results of the tests conducted recently by the Nets players, sharing the same sentiment with some other NBA teams, the players discussed the possibility of sitting out during the resumption in Orlando according to sources.

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While the Nets franchise loses more players as the season restart is drawing near, it becomes easier for the remaining key players to make a decision whether they will be playing or not due to the absence of competitive reason to travel and play.

Currently holding the seventh spot in the Eastern Conference, the Nets whose a half-game ahead against the Orlando Magic for the final playoff slot are only one of the 22 teams in the NBA that is scheduled to play the restart on July 30 in Orlando, Florida.

According to ESPN, the practice facility of Brooklyn Nets just re-opened on Tuesday after being closed for several days, but currently, the team is not executing any organized workouts as based on the regulations mandated by the league, current team workouts in marketplaces should follow social distancing and secure no contact between each player as the teams are only allowed to start their formal training camps until their arrival in Orlando in the middle of July.

Prior to the travel to Orlando, each team franchise involved in the 22-team resume in Orlando should submit their final roster that includes the eligible players that will be playing to the league organization on Wednesday.

Based on Priority Sports' agent Mark Bartelstein, the Nets are going to sign the free agent Justin Anderson that will fill the spot of Wilson Chandler in the roster.

Aside from a replacement for Chandler, SLAM Online reported that sources shared that the Nets are currently planning to sign a substitute for their center spot which is left hanging due to the opting out of Jordan.

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