If you are trying to be a more conscious, loving citizen of Mother Earth, you've come to the right place. It's possible to counter the harmful effects of climate change with a few simple, yet effective lifestyle changes.

Jolene Cherry is a progressive yoga instructor and avid environmentalist. She enjoys perfecting her craft around the world and has a profound respect for culture as well as the natural wonders of the world. Her mentors have encouraged her to be an active voice in her community to drive positive change. In this article, Ms. Cherry shares four tips on how you can help the planet by living a more sustainable lifestyle.

Reduce Household Energy Consumption: There are simple changes you and your family can make to reduce your household energy consumption. Stary by unplugging appliances when they're not in use. There's no need for your coffee maker to be plugged in 24 hours a day when you only need it for 30 minutes. If you're in the market for a new car, why not check out fuel-efficient or even electric ones? There are plenty of affordable options these days. The same goes for if you're shopping for new appliances. Ask about energy-efficient appliances and check for a good energy rating.

Conserve Water: You can start conserving water by not leaving the water on while you brush your teeth. Turn it back on when you need to rinse your toothbrush or mouth. You can easily collect rainwater to water your garden with and buy water-efficient showerheads and faucets. You can also buy a high-efficiency washer. These are just a few ideas.

Avoid 'Fast Fashion': These days, it's almost impossible to browse the Internet or social media without seeing ads for fast fashion. Trust us, we know how tempting those $4.99 dresses can be, but is it really worth it? Did you know the average person throws away about 80 pounds of textiles every year? Instead of constantly piling new clothes into your closet, focus on pieces that are ethically made by designers you believe in and that you know will last you a long time. You can also shop for secondhand clothes online or at your local thrift shop or try swapping clothes with your friends and family.

Reduce the Amount of Meat in Your Diet: This can seem like a big change for many people. Start small. For example, meatless Monday, where there's one day a week where your family is dedicated to not consuming meat, and go from there. It's easy to find meat substitutes these days, so look for them the next time you're at the grocery store. It can be fun for the whole family to try out a new vegan burger or other meat replacement. Most actually taste good!

There are simple, easy ways to help reduce your carbon footprint to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Hopefully, you understand that the changes don't have to be drastic or life-altering. If everybody can do their part to at least try to make a few changes, we can protect our planet and make the environment a much happier and healthier place for generations to come.

About Jolene Cherry: Jolene Cherry believes that striking a balance in life is the key to wellbeing. She aims to help her clients reach that balance through physical activity, mindfulness, and healthy nutrition. While it's important to exercise your body, you must also exercise your mind to find harmony, and be careful about what you eat to fuel both your body and your mind - this is Jolene's guiding principle in everything she does.