A woman from South Dakota was arrested due to the untimely death of a boy under her care. According to Fox News, the 5-year-old unidentified victim was allegedly stomped to death in a violent rampage.

The 21-year-old suspect, Julia Lee Carter, allegedly confessed to the police of kicking the boy to death, though the motive remains unclear. On Monday morning, cops received a frantic call from Carter, who was currently on the way to the Peace Hospital in Mitchell.

During the phone call to the police, the suspect claimed that the boy was no longer breathing. She rushed to the emergency room but it was already too late. After life-saving measures did not yield results, hospital staff pronounced the boy dead-on-arrival.

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Autopsy reveals horrific abuse

Initially, doctors were not suspicious of Carter. But a thorough examination of the victim's body showed shocking signs of abuse. All fingers pointed towards Carter, who was the sole guardian of the boy during his death.

The victim may not be alive to speak out, but the bruises and marks left on his body served as evidence of the horrific abuse he went through. The autopsy results revealed a harrowing story of abuse and torture that the young boy experienced at the hands of Carter.

In her confession to the police, Carter revealed that she kicked the boy 5 times on his stomach. New York Post reported that she also admitted to stomping on his abdomen until he lost consciousness, which explained the blunt force trauma in his abdominal region later discovered during the autopsy. His death was ruled a homicide.

Carter's relationship with the victim is yet to be determined. Meanwhile, she will be facing charges for this horrific crime. Carter was charged with first-degree manslaughter and abuse or cruelty to minor and is currently awaiting trial.

On the other hand, a Facebook user commented on Mitchell Police Department's post, claiming that Carter may have been in a relationship with the boy's father. However, this claim remains unverified.

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