John Bolton, the former White House national security adviser for the Trump administration, had a one-on-one interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on June 24.

Bolton said that he does not have confidence in President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and that the President turned a blind eye when the pandemic started because he did not want to hear any bad news from his friend, Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Exposing Trump

Bolton was a guest in Wolf Blitzer's "The Situation Room" and he said that he thinks there is an empty chair in the Oval Office because Trump did not want to hear any bad news about Chinese President Xi Jinping.

He added that Trump did not want to hear about the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy of the United States and its possible effect on his reelection this November.

Bolton told Blitzer that Trump turned a blind eye to all of the early signs of the pandemic, and it affected the country's ability to deal with the situation.

Blitzer asked Bolton if he had confidence in President Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and he said he does not. Bolton responded that he is afraid that the erratic nature of the policies that had evolved since January has characterized the country's response.

Medical experts began warning the public and the Trump administration about the pandemic and its possible consequences if no action is taken. Bolton said that in a country like the United States, the state and local authorities should have a massive role, but at the federal level, the response to the pandemic has not been consistent.

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Bolton's interview with CNN is part of his promotion for his tell-all book titled "The Room Where it Happened." Bolton and the Trump administration were in a legal battle for months because of the contents of the book in which the Trump administration described as confidential, as reported by CNN. 

However, just last week, a judge denied the Trump administration's request to stop the publication of the book. When Blitzer asked Bolton if he was prepared to go to jail because he allegedly breached non-disclosure agreements and that he might face criminal charges for exposing classified information connected to national security, Bolton said that he does not see any reason why he would be locked up.

 Trump is not a racist

Blitzer asked Bolton if Trump is a racist, for the President has a history of saying racist remarks such as saying that Mexicans are "rapists" and that African countries are "sh*tholes", but Bolton said that he does not think so. Bolton said that Trump is accused of being insensitive, but not racist.

Bolton also confessed that he had his resignation letter ready the whole time that he was working for Trump. He admitted that he knew what the public said about Trump before he took the role of the national security adviser, and he only accepted the position because he believed he can make it work. He added that he did his best and that everything that happened during his stay in the White House is written in his book.

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