Rumors have been spreading that claim Microsoft founder Bill Gates is funding vaccines for the coronavirus as a means to depopulate the world. The statements say that vaccines are dangerous to humans.

Bill Gates' evil plan?

On June 13, an article posted by The Truth About Cancer is the last in a series of documents claiming that the COVID-19 vaccines are harmful and will be forced onto citizens after they are developed, as reported by Heath Feedback.

The article is titled "COVID-19: Conspiracies, Vaccines, & Bill Gates" and details posts by Old-Thinker News along with a post on Instagram by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The multiple baseless claims within the article have been spread thousands of times in social media posts, with some garnering more than 100,000 views.

The authors begin by saying media networks with the help of the United States government believe COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan. It also claims that Gates and the World Bank assisted in producing a global digital ID structure before the pandemic started.

The article uses the existence of the ID to say that Gates will be monitoring the world using coronavirus vaccines. The ID2020 is meant to provide digital identification to people worldwide for use in services while increasing security and privacy.

According to Snopes, in 2016, Your News Wire, now known as NewsPunch, a dubious news and conspiracy theory site, posted an article claiming that Gates admitted that vaccines that governments designed to depopulate the world.

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Compounding evidence?

The evidence the site used to support its claim came from a 2011 interview of Gates by CNN's Sanjay Gupta about the foundation's efforts with vaccination. In the discussion, Gupta asked Gates what the plan for the funds meant.

Gates replied by saying that amazing progress could be made in the next decade and that the vaccines would serve multiple benefits, including reducing population growth, which NewsPunch emphasized numerous times.

Another evidence, the site claimed, came from a clip in a TED presentation in 2010 as Gates addressed the issue of carbon emissions in the world. In the video, Gates is heard saying vaccines can reduce the population of humans around the world.

Both of the supposed evidence, the news said, proves the claim that Gates admits vaccines are dangerous and results in death in humans who are injected with them.

In 2011, Forbes reported that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation always had the goal of reducing population growth to improve the health of people around the world and providing an opportunity to climb up from poverty.

Gates previously stated his belief that birth control was not the best method to use in reducing the rate of growth of the world's population. The founder also said that reducing childhood mortality was a more efficient way of limiting population growth.

The available evidence supports the fact that Gates does not plan to use vaccines to depopulate the world or consider them dangerous. Rather, the founder consistently states he aims to keep more children alive to reduce parents' need to have more children, resulting in less population growth.

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