The popularity of coffee mugs is on a rise. These stylish mugs are not only used to drink coffee but also to have hot chocolate, tea, soup as well as other hot drinks. These are loved mainly because they have enough capacity to hold good amount of our favourite beverage and are easy to hold. Besides, they render a stylish appeal. These mugs also make for a unique gift - a factor that has added to their popularity.

The market is flooded with various kinds of coffee mugs with beautiful and innovative prints. Let us acquaint you with some of the most popular coffee mug prints.

Coffee Mugs with Zodiac Signs

These coffee mugs look really cool. While some of these have just a zodiac symbol imprinted on them others also have a one liner about the quality of that particular zodiac sign. So, they remind us of our strengths each time we sip in coffee in them. Besides, the choice is very clear when you decide to opt for this print. You will obviously go for one imprinted with your zodiac sign if you are picking it for yourself.

Inspirational Quote Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs with inspirational quotes have become a rage among people of all age groups and are truly the best of the lot. Imprinted with inspirational quotes, these mugs offer the much-needed inspiration. Every time you have coffee in such a mug you are reminded of your goals and also the fact that you have the power to achieve them if you work with dedication and sincerity. It is best to have your morning cup of coffee in an inspirational coffee mug to begin your day on a positive note. We also suggest you to keep one such piece on your work desk to stay motivated all through the day.

Floral Print Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs with floral prints are quite common. You will find mugs imprinted with intricate as well as large floral prints. These are simple yet attractive. It is a good idea to buy these in vibrant shades.

Customized Photo Mugs

These are among the most popular variety of coffee mugs especially when it comes to gifting. You can get the picture of your loved ones imprinted on the mug to render a personalised touch to it. It makes for a great gifting option on Friendship's Day Mother's Day Father's Day and other such occasions. You can even get one imprinted with your own photo and add it to your collection.

Coffee Mugs with Emoticons

Coffee mugs with different kinds of emoticons are also gaining popularity. You can get one imprinted with your favourite emoticon to feel that emotion every time you have your drink.

Coffee mugs do not just vary based on their prints but also on the basis of their colour, material, design and size. It is a good idea to bring home few of these in different designs and prints for a diverse collection. Which ones do you own and which ones do you wish to add to your collection? Do let us know!