In a move to retaliate the moves of defectors who set leaflets and balloons defaming the Kim-regime through the inter-Korean border, North Korea is revealed that they are currently preparing to drown South Korea with a massive pile of propaganda leaflets. The leaflets would contain information that denounces the South's government and defectors of the Hermit Kingdom.

According to NBC News, North Korean state news agency KCNA reported that most of the leaflets will be printouts of the Southe's President Moon Jae-in's face smeared and vandalized with cigarette buss which would insinuate that he is trash. The news agency added that the said leaflets are being prepared by the North's university students.

Despite the fact that North Korea has a history of sending propaganda leaflets across the border, this action is usually taken by defectors from North Korea who have moved in the South. The said defectors usually use balloons to send the leaflets and even use bottles that have flyers, money, and rice across the river.

On top of this, the news outlet reported that people in the Hermit Kingdom are enraged of the steps taken by the South and are ready to make their own move by flooding the South with "leaflets of punishment," which would be distributed in a massive-scale.

It was also added that this is the North's answer to the previous actions of the South so that they would know how offending it felt for the authorities when the propaganda leaflets reached the North.

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Inter-Korean Tensions Rising.

According to The Guardian, the rogue nation's move to send the so-called "leaflets of punishment" to the South comes as the tension between the two Korean nations continues to rise.

Just last week, Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo Jong said that they would leave the decisions on how to retaliate to the military. In addition, a few days ago the inter-Korean liaison office was demolished.

Moreover, earlier this month, the Hermit Kingdom announced that it would cut all communication lines with South Korea. Based on analysts, the move initially aimed to create a crisis that would force South Korea to make concessions.

On top of this, the rogue nation also previously announced that it would be cutting its relationship with the Us noting that their ties have not been improved ever since the summit in Singapore two years ago where Trump and dictator Kim Jong-un shook hands.

According to the unification Ministry of the south, it is very regrettable that the North needed to take such actions to disseminate propaganda leaflets amid the growing tensions between the two. They also called the North to immediately stop the plan as it will break the terms stated in the inter-Korean agreements.

Seoul has previously already stated that they would take care of the people and organizations that are responsible for sending anti-regime propaganda leaflets through the border.

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