North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is known for his iron grip on the people of North Korea. During his regime as the dictator, he has exercised authority and made sure that nothing against his will happens. However, reports are currently saying that amidst the current crisis between the Hermit Kingdom and South Korea, Kim Jong-un fears that his power may not be as safe as he thought.

According to Daily Express, an Asian politics expert said that Kim Jong-un's grip on power may not be as strong as the dictator assumed or preferred. The said expert pointed out an instance in 2018 when the dictator has to meet US President Donald Trump and expressed his concern about the possibility that the summit may leave Pyongyang vulnerable.

Moreover, back in 2014, the National Security Council's Asian affairs director during the Bush administration, Victor Cha claimed that the notion that the Supreme Leader felt secured with his power was wrong.

Cha also added that despite the fact that dictators not unlike Kim usually exercise draconian measures and extreme use of their power, most of them are very insecure about their hold of the seat of power. He also said that most are usually very impulsive in correcting perceptions about their way of running things or even interim leaders and coups due to the paranoia that is brought by their fear of losing power.

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Inter-Korean Joint Liaison Office Demolished

While reports are claiming that Kim Jong-un fears losing power, his sister Kim Yo Jong has been making headlines after she has been in the frontline of their current row with the South. Yo Jong has been very vocal of the Hermit Kingdom's views on the matter and has even threatened to give the military freedom to retaliate against the claimed advances of South Korea.

Meanwhile, as the dissension between the two nations continue, North Korea has recently blown up its landmark liaison office with the South.

According to the Asia Times, the inter-Korean Joint Liaison Office is located in the north part of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which separates the Korean nations. It is also located inside the North's territory. No one was reported injured during the explosion since the office has been closed since January when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

However, the attack on the office did not come unexpectedly since the North has reiterated several times that they would be cutting their ties and all forms of communications with South Korea. This is after Kim Yo Jong's strong statements against the South and rallies that were held in the North against its southern counterpart.

The said altercation started when balloons carrying anti-regime propaganda leaflets were launched from the South's side of the border into the North. The Hermit Kingdom's regime was angered by the move thus, they retaliated with the threats.

It is known that the Koreas have agreed to stop propaganda against each other across borders, however, it can be noted that the balloons and leaflets were not from the South Korean government but were an initiative of activists, NGOs, and defectors.

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