A news report claimed that the Communist Regime is gathering as many DNA samples to add to a database, that will monitor them with US tech.

Recently information indicate that Beijing is intent on amassing blood samples from 700 million men and boys that will be monitoring based on a report last Wednesday, reported New York Post.

A study by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute cited that police in China were collecting samples from 2017 that will be a data base controlled by Beijing.

With the database, the Chinese communists can trace all the relatives, based on the collected blood sample. The authorities have access to all the relatives of the subject and will have the ability to monitor anyone in mainland China, mentioned in New York Times.

The technology needed for the project is made available by American companies like Waltham, Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher, their testing kits are supplies to Chinese police to get samples needs. The kits are high-quality American bio-products for Chinese needs.

But this has not gone unnoticed and US officials have expressed disagreement over the sale to the Chinese, which the company responded by defending the whole deal.

The company released a statement to the Times, saying their DNA kits are the one forensic DNA tool that does the job well, which includes how their customers use their kits, as cited in News 18.

According to the company, their DNA kits are sold to other law enforcement bodies in many countries besides China.

Intentions are well, but the sale of the DNA testing kits is seen as increased DNA tracking to keep the Chinese under control.

Evidence exists that Beijing is now using DNA tracking on the Muslim Uighurs, also any group that will question the authority of the communist party, mentioned in the study.

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One of the reasons for its usage is to further improve China's iron fist surveillance, which includes real-time monitoring cameras, facial recognition also an AI to alert the party to any unusual activities.

According to the police, the database will be used to capture criminals with donors who give their DNA. This is something that other bodies say they have no choice if they refuse to part with their DNA sample.

Those concerned with human rights are not okay with the extra surveillance on the populace.

Maya Wang, a researcher for Human Rights Watch said that this gives authorities access to all the relatives of the guilty party. Those who had their sample taken, have said it was by force and there's no option of refusing.

One example is a Jiang Haolin, 31, he was told that if the sample was not given, there will be blacklisting that will take away corresponding benefits which scared him, and he was forced to comply, reported India Times.

Despite the doubts, the Chinese police defend the DNA gathering as caused by violent crimes.

Through the DNA pool, they were able to identify and catch Gao Chengyong. He got executed because he was traced.

Emile Dirks added that more DNA samples collected in the database will be used by the communist in ways not expected.

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