Amid the protests calling for the justice for the death of George Floyd, a black man that made headlines when police arrested him and used excessive force that led to his demise, a vehicle was recorded running over protesters at a rally in Denver.

Intentional incident

The footage shows the female driver of a black SUV mow through a crowd on the streets. When one man hops onto the car's hood, the driver accelerates, causing the man to lose his balance and fall off.

The vehicle then swerves and knocks the man off his feet and then proceeds to drive away as protesters try to chase her down on foot, as reported by USA Today.

The person who recorded the video shared the disturbing footage to Twitter on Thursday. One witness of the incident posted on the social media platform, "Some girl turned around to run this guy over."

One bystander at the scene could be heard yelling "head's up!" as the car rears to hit the unsuspecting man.

The car's front right tire runs over the victim, but luckily there seemed to be no signs of significant injuries.

The New York Post reported that the car intentionally struck the man before he was on the hood, as stated by the woman that recorded the video.

"He jumped up because she wouldn't stop accelerating towards the people surrounding the car," she added, and that the driver claimed the protesters were guilty of jaywalking and blocking traffic.

The witness also wrote in a separate tweet that everyone had moved away from the car, and the driver continued to run over the man intentionally.

Jared Polis, the governor of Colorado, expressed his surprise after watching the footage of the event.

According to Buzzfeed, a spokesperson for the Denver Police Department announced that they are aware of the incident and will be investigating and looking for the suspect as well as the victim.

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Peaceful protests

The victim, Maximilian Bailey, revealed himself on Twitter but did not immediately reply to requests for any comments regarding the incident.

Bailey tweeted, "They tried to kill me cause I'm protecting my people. Cause I said my black life matters." He added they are still going and that no one can stop them.

Bailey shared that he jumped up on the hood of the car to avoid getting run over which he said was not sufficient as the driver had control of the vehicle that she used to turn around and intentionally try hit him.

He added that he thought the woman would have seen how he got hurt and stop, but that was not the case.

Bailey revealed he and his sister were not seriously injured and only received minor bruises.

Governor Polis said that the citizens of Colorado are better than what can be seen in the video. He also shared his grief with George Floyd's death but reiterated that violence is not the solution against violence.

Previous incidents have also had protesters at risk when drivers are intentionally driving and running over demonstrations.

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