The Trump administration says that the coronavirus started at the Wuhan lab, but the laboratory director dismisses these claims.

Wang Yanyi, immunologist and director of the the Wuhan lab, went on the offensive and refuted the claims of the US that its negligence has caused more death and misery due to coronavirus, as reported by Newsweek.

The lab director said the claims of the US were not true, and all proofs were not relevant or legitimate. But in recent days, the Chinese admitted to destroying viral samples that were vital to reaching a cure.

Accusations of China's complicity

Immediately, the claims and charges were refuted by Wang Yanyi, who is connected to the WIV and its main director. She responded by citing a level 4 biohazard lab and claimed that all were mere conjecture and lies.

She supplied extra information that the WIV in Wuhan got a sample of the coronavirus last December 2019 but it was not handled haphazardly.

According to her, the lab does not have a stored sample of the coronavirus. And just like everyone, they were not aware of the virus' extent yet. Later on, she argued that the lab does not have it in the first place.

Most know that the coronavirus was transmitted from bats to humans, with pangolins as the link. Many animals sold in wet markets in China were endangered and considered exotic species, even dogs too.

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There is unanimous agreement among scientists that the virus is not made-made, but zoonotic in origin.

Professor Kristian Andersen sent a letter to Nature Medicine and stated that the coronavirus is most likely natural, not created in a lab with proof from genetic data.

In the case of the coronavirus, it has evolved naturally, and became more potent with natural selection. Based on their observations, natural selection makes it even more virulent than SARS.

The scientists gave two scenarios that point to coronavirus origin, it is either transmission to humans from an animal host, or evolving in humans and jumping to animals. Those are the choices which are currently being studied by these scientists.

New coronaviruses to be studied

On Saturday at May 13, Wang Yanyi was interviewed but it was shown on May 23. According to the director, there are new coronaviruses gotten from bats to be studied.

Wang Yanyi added that with the 3 strains are all live viruses, but only reaches 79.8%, to the kind to the strain of COVID-19, according to Rappler.

Moreover, the lab director said that the coronavirus genome will have an 80% deviance to the SARS virus which is very different. This points out a similarity, since both are forms of the coronavirus.

Until the US decided to bear down, the whispers of a virus released in Wuhan is now heard by everyone. Even as the Wuhan lab director denies it, there will an eventual reckoning where coronavirus came from.

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