In an unprecedented move, China will give two billion to help efforts to curb the pandemic which they may be complicit in, avoiding critical censure as they are the key suspect according to the US.

This amount is more than the contribution of the United States, and the pledge may have curbed any investigation that would have destroyed its already ruined credibility.

Before the WHA meeting China, the US cut off funding to the World Health Organization but China is picking up the tab and could be the ticket to stop criticism for all its activities during the coronavirus crisis.

For the US, especially President Trump and his administration who forced China to reckon what it is has done. But, it will only stall the inevitable that it intentionally hid the outbreak, that caused 5,194,028 sufferings sickness, with 334,613 deaths as of May 22, 2020, from worldometer.

A moment of grace was given by President Trump when he passed the opening words to Xi Jinping, who pleaded his case to 194 members of the World Health Assembly (WHA). The CCP head used video calling to attend the meeting and because of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one is taking a chance of getting infected. Members choose remote conferencing which showed the extent of what the coronavirus has done to world summits.

Xi stated his country's case and other nations that are suffering against the coronavirus, though he chooses to highlight China's success in protecting lives as well. He added that China did not suppress or alter the narrative. Instead, China supported and assisted countries in the pandemic.

Even Italy that China implied as to the possible source of the virus is now off the hook, as Xi's address says that everyone is in it together.

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A letter was sent by President Trump last Monday, that accused the WHO of getting too chummy with China and showing no independence. Trump pointed out that director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and WHO have bungled the response by allegedly acquiescing to the CCP in Beijing which costs too much as the pandemic has impacted everything on the globe.

Parts of the letter sent by the US president elaborated on the misgivings the US has. It included an ultimatum to pull the plug on funding, leave the organization, revoke America's membership permanently, and show that the WHO chooses to be China's PR agency in a month.

Trump was not specific on what reforms would be preferred, but he thumbed the intent and said WHO must do its job, not be tainted any further by associating with Xi and decide independently.

According to the US, it donates $553 million that is part of $6 billion of WHO's total budget. This was stopped recently with China in its operation, plus how it helped China stall revealing the virus and condescend how the  country seeded the world.

In the eyes of the United States, the World Health Organization has become a tool for China, and the WHO accepted willingly.  

John Ulyot said that the $2 billion is a carrot on a stick to divert nations from China's complicity and refusal to account for it. In short, China is paying its way out. 

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