China vehemently disapproves of the accusations that President Trump threw at them for the dubious conduct during the pandemic, plus asking the World Health Organization for reforms to clean up its act.

Beijing says Trump is shifting blame, implying the botched US response to control the pandemic and bundling the China PR of the WHO to hit them, not with one but two stones.

Overall, the CCP is still changing the narrative as more harangues are mounting among nations, and the image of China tarnished.

In recent days, the WHO is under more scrutiny after it allowed China to decide when to declare vital coronavirus pandemic info.

On the offensive is the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian telling the press, President Trump has made a wrong decision to blame the Ji regime, though recently admitting charges of the intelligence report give credence to US charges, according to Reuters.

Further deflection by Zhao includes citing the US response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which exceeded Wuhan by now in deaths and cases, as reported by the Johns Hopkins University. But, doubts are rife if China lied about the deaths or is lying until now.

The CCP is looked on as the sole cause of the coronavirus pandemic, as more evidence point to them as Pompeo sends one charge after another which erodes any trust and credibility left in China. Another point is how China has claimed to control the outbreak, but later developments have led to doubt how true it is.

From praise to treating the CCP as a pariah, the White House has blasted Beijing for causing all the problems which afflict many nations that deserves serious repercussions for China. President Trump even hinted at severing ties that cause more problems for Xi Jinping.

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The secrecy of the communist party and how they seeded the virus, and conniving with the WHO to stall the initial outbreak, while leaving other nations at the mercy of infection. As China had a PPE buying spree while other nations were to suffer PPE shortages.

Shutting up the whistleblowers were done and many have disappeared, while crematoriums were running. And the virus quietly infected other countries, like Italy and many more while Beijing kept quiet  with the WHO follow Xi Jinping's lead.

The current toll is 5,085,504 cases, 329,731 deaths according to world odometers. Others are starting to flatten to curve but more countries are still on its peak.

One of the worst actions of the CCP is putting pressure on the WH  that became a party because it about the true status of the COVID-19 pandemic. Beijing kept the real count to keep the extent of the pandemic in China but later admitted fudging the real numbers.

As the charges and evidence mounted in the favor of the US and other co-accusers, the CCP belched and panic and went on a massive PR drive. It is said that they ttempted to muddle and misinform the world to keep the blame off it, even alleging that the Italians had something to do with the COVID-19. They also highlight the US army bringing the virus to Wuhan.

WHO and its connivance with Beijing prompted the US to stop giving funds, stating that unless big changes are done, funding will dry up and not a single cent will be given. The US gave a 30-day ultimatum for the heads to decide.

In the eyes of the US, the WHO is a Chinese puppet who should be more independent but China calls this a foul move. Moreover, the communists call the accusation a smear but more countries agree with the US.

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