China's lies and excuses that attempted to shift the blame is at its end, as 100 countries have banded together demanding a real investigation to reveal if Beijing is behind the coronavirus.

A surprise member is Russia, that has backed up China several times, which is pointing fingers at Beijing. All these 100 countries are backing a resolution at the World Health Assembly (WHA) stating that an independent investigation is needed to know if China should be accountable for it.

Countries are looking for answers for China's COVID-19 response

Australia has been aggressively pushing for an enquiry as the European gives the move an extra push, placing China in the spotlight more than ever.

Beijing was flabbergasted and incensed at Australia and tried to bully its way out, but the other party stood its ground, despite the CCP's excuses.

Soon, this resolution will be tested at the yearly meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), starting on Monday in Geneva. The forwarded resolution will be fair to all countries and a comprehensive investigation in the coronavirus response.

Some observers say that the content of the resolution is downplayed when contrasted to the statements of Canberra. Especially when references fall into what China has done to the Pandemic response and its complicity. More members will be needed to sign on, like Russia which has ties with Beijing.

Beijing is restive as world opinion is against them, not easy but they've been deflecting since. If an independent probe comes online, then digging up evidence that will bury China will be a great smear on it. According to the ABC, all the words were hard and direct to make sure no sidestepping will be done during the investigation.

Before this, Beijing will acknowledge an inquiry by the WHO, by and far called China PR agency by some sectors but top WHO officials are refuting it vehemently.

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Liu Xiaoming, Chinese UK envoy said that China does not fear an investigation, but only if the WHO will be the one doing it, according to him.

Many countries are on the EU resolution, as the gathering is close with control not in China's favor. Some signs are there that Beijing will agree to the resolution though. Reports say that on Monday, Xi will give the opening remarks for the WHA, not something to do if the CCP will refute anything in the agenda.

Cracks in China's reputation

Should a report come out as highly negative of China's role, this will be bad for China's worsening image abroad. The coronavirus crisis is already chipping away since it began and the US pummeling China who is on the defensive as the cause of the pandemic.

China is aggressively pushing and deflecting all criticism for its action since December 31 last year. The WHO has been charged as China's accomplice by the US, and everything that went wrong with the COVID-19 pandemic killing thousands all over the world.

Chinese officials chose to silence reports of the new disease and shut up whistleblowers with harsh control. Top medical advisers in China explain that local officials choose to keep silent at the time, which translated to a controlling CCP that dealt with those out of line severely.

One Chinese official called those supporting Taiwan with agendas, and against resolving the pandemic, further adding that Taiwan will not be backed by most of the international community. Clearly, China is opposed to the presence of Taiwan, that mocks the One-China Policy of the CCP. But, Taiwan is attending so the Chinese will be less stressed.

Attendance and signing of 100 countries to investigate China are unprecedented, putting China in the center of everything since it started.

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