In efforts to slowly come back to normal, Saint Peter's Basilica opens its doors on Monday as the Vatican and neighboring areas of Italy are set to restart.
After its two-month absence, public masses will continue in the predominantly Catholic nation, while bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops are anticipated to open as well.

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in early March, churches in Rome were prohibited from accepting the public in any ceremonies of the Catholic church.

But most of the churches were opened shortly after the closure for Catholics to have their prayers.

On the Sunday's live-streamed prayer of Pope Francis, he stated that he was delighted that communities can finally reunite in liturgical assemblies as it reflects hope for all society as the restrictions ease.

The lockdown did not only slowed down the economic activity in Italy, but it deranged the activities that Italians used to do, one of these is attending mass.

On the other hand, the pope established a live-streamed mass from a chapel in his residence in the Vatican City, keeping Catholics to have faith amid the global outbreak.

Despite the opening of Saint Peter's Basilica, the Vatican's sovereign is not yet expected to lead any gathering or religious ceremonies in public as the Vatican still avoids crowds.

However, on Monday Francis will be broadcasting a private mass in front of John Paul II's tomb to celebrate the Polish-born pontiff's 100th birthday.

Moreover, despite the numerous reminders on social distancing the Duomo Cathedral in Milan will celebrate a Mass on Friday at 10:30 GMT, as the cathedral launched a gadget that will be worn around the neck of the visitors, as the device will send warning signals like flashing, beeping softly, and vibrating if visitors are too close to one another to ensure proper social distancing.

Disinfection measures

With an area of 23,000 square meters or 250,000 square feet, the world's largest Catholic church, the Saint Peter's was disinfected on Friday in preparation for its reopening, as workers in full protective gear and masks sprayed down the site's surface that can accommodate around 60,000 visitors.

The state of Vatican which is an independent nation in the middle of Rome has employed the same pre-cautionary and countermeasures as Italy, but Italy currently has an official death toll of nearly 32,000 from the virus.

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Along with three other papal basilicas, Saint Peter's is anticipated to follow Italy's interior ministry's recommendation to limit attendance to only up to 200 people at religious ceremonies in enclosed sites of worship.

With tens of thousands of churches in entire Italy, Catholics will be permitted to attend weddings and funerals aside from attending masses, provided that they will follow a series of precautionary measures, which includes wearing masks and ensuring proper distancing to one another.

Italy's largest business association, Confcommercio, shared that not less than 800,000 commercial activities are still on hold due to the restrictions imposed by the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on March 9 should be able to open or resume on Monday, as the economic activity starts to revive.

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