With the recent lifting of quarantine restrictions around the world, many citizens immediately ventured out after weeks of being kept indoors. American and European officials have been contemplating the balance between the risk of letting people roam free amid the coronavirus, knowing that a vaccine could take several years to be developed.

Two prominent European leaders warned their nation that everyone around the world needs to start adapting to life with the coronavirus and cannot stop and wait for a vaccine to come and save them.

What to expect going forward with the coronavirus

Italian official Giuseppe Conte said, "We are confronting this risk, and we need to accept it. Otherwise, we would never be able to relaunch," as he succumbs to the pressure of regional leaders to allow the reopening of several establishments on Monday, weeks ahead of an earlier planned date.

According to AP News, the stern warnings from Conte and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came at a time when governments from around the world, along with many American states, were challenged with the struggles of reopening the entire economy.

Recent photographs of newly reopened areas and establishments show the apparent lack of compliance with safety protocols to ensure sufficient avoidance of the infection while exercising the newfound freedom.

Johnson was tested positive for the coronavirus and hospitalized last month with serious complications. The official worries that a vaccine may not come at all despite the global efforts for its development.

In the Mail on Sunday newspaper, Johnson wrote: "There remains a very long way to go, and I must be frank that a vaccine might not come to fruition."

On Monday, a virtual meeting is set to take place. It will have 194 member states of the World Health Organization (WHO) to discuss how best to tackle the coronavirus pandemic going into the future.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has been adamant about his nation's position with regards to the pandemic, will also be speaking in the opening ceremony, as reported by BBC.

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The foreign ministry of China repeated Beijing's disinterest in an investigation aiming to reveal the origin and spread of the virus. He said that the effort was taken in the rush as the COVID-19 pandemic is still being endured around the world.

The two-day congregation is a yearly event that reviews the efforts of the UN's health agency has come at a time of arguments between the US and China regarding the pandemic.

Standing strong in the face of adversary

Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chair, shared his optimistic views on Sunday that the American economy will begin regaining itself in the second half of the year. In the fortunate outcome, a second wave of the coronavirus does not hit.

He also stated that a full recovery would likely not be possible before developing a vaccine for the virus. Powell, in an interview CBS's "60 Minutes," said that that economy will be able to gather itself and bounce back "substantially," although with warnings that the recovery will take much longer than the downfall.

A retired attorney, Paula Walborsky, 74 years of age and hails from Tallahassee, Florida, endured the urge to get her hair done and declined invitations from friends. This decision, however, came with the irony of when a public swimming pool in her city reopened and was taking appointments, she immediately decided to go out.

Walborsky shared her excitement over the reopening as she said that the water felt wonderful.

Andrew Cuomo, a New York governor, was revealed to have tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday on live television. Cuomo said that any New Yorker who has or is experiencing flu-like symptoms or going back to work could get tested.

Cuomo added, "We're all talking about what is the spread of the virus when you increase economic activity. Well, how do you know what the spread of the virus is? Testing, testing, testing."

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