NEW YORK- A possible comeback of the Brooklyn Nets' superstar Kevin Durant is still afloat after a radio interview on Tuesday regarding the possibility of a return if the NBA resumes its season and start playoffs in mid-July.

When asked if the Nets' superstar is out of play, Brooklyn Nets General Manager Sean Marks responded that it is the $110 million question.

But on the other hand, Durant shared on Tuesday on Lil Wayne's Young Money Radio that it is what is as everybody waits for him to come back and he knows that a lot of emotions are involved and understands the business now but he emphasized that he will be back when it is time.

If the playoffs will start in mid-July, Durant will have been sidelined 13 months after his Achilles tendon surgery.

But according to some sources, when the March 11 shutdown occurred the Nets superstar was already playing not just three-on-three and four-on-four drills with teammates but a full-court five-on-five scrimmage already.

If the current Nets forward Durant waits until next season, which could be put off until December 25, he will have been out for a year and a half and he will be 32 during that time.

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But despite the necessity to have Durant on the court, the superstar does not feel that the Nets organization is trying to rush him back at all and even on a podcast of ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski said he believes that the Brooklyn Nets will not let him play this season.

Even Durant's long time friend, Jay Williams shared that it was not a great idea to zoom into the playoff picture after being out for that long.

Eager to see their two stars on the court Durant mentioned that the organization is excited to see him and Kyrie on the hardwood together.

When asked if he is being rushed he quickly replied that he is not but he stated that obviously everybody is anxious to see how they are going to fit together, especially him and Kyrie for it is a new situation.

Still recovering from his shoulder surgery, Irving is probably further off than Durant in his return but on an Instagram talk he shared that he can't wait to be back out there destroying people.

Even without any experience of playing under Nets uniform, Durant stated confidently that the chemistry will be good no matter when the Brooklyn stars play together.

He also added that their games match and they can do the same things for they are similar so for him it is just a matter of figuring it out.

It is not the first time that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will suit up in one uniform, as they already played under Team USA in the 2016's Rio de Janiero Olympics in Brazil wherein they bagged the gold medal for the United States.

Durant had scrimmaged against the group of young Nets which is tagged as "The extra Work Crew."

Despite being shut due to the lockdown, Durant is permitted to use the Nets' facility as a place for his rehab alongside a doctor.

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