Post pandemic life will never be the same as they were before. Three industries will be hard hit after everything has settled down which may even end up eliminating them.

It is nothing scoff at and owners of these businesses are staring down a gun barrel. Because these companies did business in the pre-pandemic world that operated when social distancing did not exist, or the threat of getting infected by a deadly virus.

Unleashing the virus did more than changing the way everyone lives, but also the need to adapt even if there is a vaccine available.

Here are the businesses that will struggle or be doomed to go bankrupt eventually, all these blacklisted industries where are going soon.

1. Movie theaters.

Movie theaters are ticking time bombs with enclosed areas that are not conducive in the post-pandemic entertainment era.

Universal Studios had no way to show Trolls 2, but they streamed it online during the pandemic. Coronavirus forever changed the concept of making movies for the big screen, and the viewers paid 20 USD for it. Soon after Disney released the film "Onward" digitally.

This disrupted movie theaters and they have conditions on how to show movies, with 90-day exclusive rights to make money. The movie studio has considered online showing but theaters always blocked the concept.

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This pandemic has proven that movie houses are the thing of the past, it will be home entertainment from now on. Movie houses have been losing money too, and movie studios will not give too much control to theaters anymore.

2. Malls

Say goodbye to malls because the coronavirus just made sure mall shopping will be replaced by online shopping.

This pandemic will send malls to the bankrupt zone, and many shops will not reopen after the lockdown which has made another option which is online shopping that has proven reliable in the crisis.

More than ever, Americans are online shopping for the first time. It is advantageous for older people who are vulnerable to the virus. Many are learning the convenience of online shopping with the hassles, just press a button and presto!

3. Office spaces.

Swanky office spaces might not be popular anymore, after how transmissible the virus is in the work environment. Working remotely is the future.

Having an office in a high rise building and spending so much money to maintain it, seems a no fit now. What the contagion did was to move the workers out of the office to work remotely.

When it becomes to the new normal that was done in the last few months, because there was no other option. During the crisis, people got to work off-site and still became productive, remotely.

What this crisis has shown is there are more options than going to the office resulting to less traffic during the commute or even none at all!

The coronavirus has radicalized these three industries and forced it to change into the new normal.

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