British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was in good spirits, after he was rushed to the hospital on Sunday night due to persistent symptoms. Just a few hours after, the UK Prime Minister was moved into intensive care unit as his health deteriorates.

A Downing Street spokesperson revealed that Johnson has been moved to the ICU after his symptoms worsened.

Prior to this announcement, Johnson took it to Twitter to thank the staff of the National Health Service for taking care of him and others who are suffering from the disease amid the health crisis. The Prime Minister was brought to the hospital 10 days after he tested positive for COVID-19.

In a different tweet, Johnson also said that he went to the hospital for some routine tests after his doctor advised him to do so. He also noted that he is in good spirits and is still in touch with his team as they work together in battling the virus and making sure that everyone is kept safe. However, it was not stated as to what tests Johnson underwent. 

It can be recalled that the 55-year-old leader has been in quarantine inside his Downing Street residence after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 last March 26.

Despite his condition, Johnson continued to preside daily meetings about the pandemic and has released several video messages to the country during his 10-day isolation, until Sunday.

On Monday, the country's Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab chaired the meeting. Raab has also been designated as the one who will take charge if ever Johnson would be incapacitated due to the illness since the country has no official post of deputy prime minister.

People have already expressed their growing concern about the prime minister's welfare since he posted a message about feeling better but still feeling a little feverish last Friday.

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Boris Johnson 'remains in charge'

Accodring to a senior British governemnt minister, Johnson is still able to continue running the country and leading despite being confines in a hospital.

On a statement released by Johnson's spokesman, Johnson said that he had a comfortable stay at the hospital and that he is to remain in charge of the government from inside St. Thomas' Hospital.

Robert Jenrick, the country's communities secretary said that Johnson would still be regularly updated of the happenings in the country while in the hospital, just like how it was done during his 10 days of isolation. He further added that Raab, who is the most senior minister in the Cabinet will chair the regular meetings about coronavirus.

However, BBC's Assistant Political Editor, Norman Smith, stated that he believes that despite the insistence of Downing Street that Johnson is still in charge, if there is any advice from medics and professionals that he needs to rest, then the prime minister should step back for a period of time and concentrate on his health.

Amid the concerns for Johnson's health, Downing Street insists that the prime minister's hospital admission was only a precautionary step since his symptoms were persistent.

U.K. has already faced a lot of criticisms regarding its response to COVID-19. Only a few weeks ago, before he was diagnosed with the disease, Johnson was still seen shaking hands with infected patients in a hospital.

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