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Award-winning pop star Lizzo shows her generous side as the singer sent meals to the ER staff of Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. The front-liners who are fighting the coronavirus pandemic expressed their gratitude to the singer through Twitter.

Lizzo treats ER staff

On Monday, the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit tweeted a thank you to the hitmaker for giving lunch to their emergency room staff. They captioned: "SURPRISE! @lizzo treated our ER staff at #HenryFordHospital to lunch today and shared a message of thanks to our #HealthcareHeroes on the front lines," the tweet read. "#Lizzo, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for making our day brighter with your generosity."

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They included a video of the singer thanking the hospital workers. The singer stated: "I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you're doing during this pandemic. It's definitely not easy and you guys are putting yourselves on the front line so because of that I wanted to treat y'all to a meal."

The 'Truth Hurts' singer has been sending meals to hospitals around America, and not just at Henry Ford. A tweet from M Health Fairview in Minneapolis, Minnesota captioned: "That moment when you're working the ER and @Lizzo surprises you by sending over some lunch!"

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The 'Good As Hell' singer reminded her fans about the importance of social distancing and how we must all adhere to the guidelines in order to help flatten the curve and slow the spread of the virus.

She also expressed how she does not want measures to "tear us apart" and talked about the importance of staying in touch with loved ones even if we are unable to meet in person. 

"You cannot let this tear us apart. The social distancing is something we are doing for our health, but we have to come together closer as a people. Call a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while, call a family member. This is a very real pandemic. I know we watch TV and we see a lot of fear on television, but you can't let the fear spread faster than the virus. We have to let love spread. So that's what I've been practicing every single day."

Lizzo under controversy for wearing a mask

Recently, the singer received criticism for wearing a mask because it was in short supply during the coronavirus battle and she explained why she had to wear the protective gear. Apparently, it was because she was suffering from strep throat.

Lizzo took her sentiments on Instagram: "Got strep at the worst time ever. It's nobody's business but I'd prefer y'all not criticize me for wearing a face mask and doing what I was supposed to do to protect the people in my home. Please check yourself before you become an internet bully because you're bored. Get your facts straight. The world needs less trolls and more compassion."

Lizzo is not the only famous person sending food to the front liners, Former President Bill Clinton and wife former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton also sent dozens of pizzas to Blythedale Children's Hospital and White Plains Hospital to thank them for their service.  

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