There is hardly any phone that doesn't have WhatsApp installed in it. We badly need this app to stay connected with our loved ones. The ease that it brings to sharing media or voice/video calls can't be summed up in words.

If we have WhatsApp, no one is out of sight. However, it has also fueled the fire of cyberbullying, cheating, time-stealing and other dire activities that shouldn't be in practice. Yes, all of this and many other things can happen at your back.

As cases of misuse of WhatsApp were on raise, technology took the responsibility to put a stop on it. Using the right kind of WhatsApp spy app, you can find out what the other person is doing. From media shared to text typed - EVERYTHING! 

Astonished? Let's unfold it further. 

Spyier - Helping you have a good nights' sleeping 

The very idea of your loved ones doing something wrong or being a target of a misdeed can give you many sleepless nights. If you have doubts that anyone from your friends and family is misusing WhatsApp then being worried is the last thing you should do. 

The very first thing that you should do is to spy on their WhatsApp activities using Spyier. Developed using impeccable technology, this best WhatsApp spy app will do around the clock monitoring on the targeted WhatsApp account remotely. 

Spyier works in a 100% discrete and risk-free manner. Hence, you can make sure you always stay on the safer side with this spy app. It works so discreetly that the target remains unaware that someone is keeping an eye on him/her.

Along with this, Spyier ensures that you don't fall into any cyber fraud trap by not saving your data on its servers. This is what makes millions of users across 190 countries going ga-ga over Spyier.

Its huge popularity was also noticed and applauded by the leading media houses like Life Hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, and many more. So, it's clear that Spyier is the best WhatsApp spy app that anyone can use. 

Leading the way with leading technology 

Perform a Google search on how to spy on someone's WhatsApp and you'll see thousands of posts. However, we must say that all those suggestions are good for nothing if they include jailbreak/rooting and surveys. Both these options are something you should never try (strictly). 

Spyier works differently!

Unlike other ways, it doesn't interfere or interrupt the OS of the targeted device to fetch the data. Rather it gets paired with the OS (in case of Android) and iCloud (in case of iPhone) and then gets details for you. Here is how it happens. 

Every iPhone user has a centralized data storage facility known as iCloud. When Spyier's technology gets paired with the targeted phone's iCloud, you can see all the saved data.

The same kind of effortlessness can be witnessed when you bring Spyier into action for the Android platform. 

Its Android app is of very little size. It's less than 3MB. That means, you can download in a blink of an eye, it won't consume much of your phone's battery, and don't notice as it comes with a stealth mode facility.

The app gets paired with the targeted phone's OS and fetches data for you. The best part is that the app can be monitored and un-installed remotely.  

Tracking WhatsApp with a difference 

Once you have configured Spyier as instructed throughout the process, you will reach the dashboard (as shown above). From there, you can navigate to Social Apps > Whatsapp to view all Whatsapp data of your target user. This collected data is fetched using keylogger.

Spying on Whatsapp using Android Keylogger

To offer you more reliable data and WhatsApp monitoring facility, Spyier has gone the extra mile to offer you powerful Keylogger. A keylogger is an advanced tool that allows you to gain full control over the targeted phone's keypad. Every keystroke made will be recorded for you. 

With this facility, you can find out what text was typed. Even the deleted text can also be traced out. Its Keylogger has been designed with such perfection that the targeted phone won't heat up, the screen won't be hanged, and no keystroke sound can listen. 

This way the target will never find out its presence while it keeps on spying for you.

More than WhatsApp tracking 

Problems can come in all sizes and shapes. So, if you think that you safeguard your child just by monitoring over WhatsApp or catch a cheating spouse by hacking WhatsApp then you think wrong. You need comprehensive monitoring to protect your loved ones from all the directions. 

Well, if you have Spyier by your side, it's possible.

With this spy app, you can do a lot of things, such as:

  1. Find out to whom your loved ones are calling, what's the call duration and calling time, who's in the contact list, and any other calls related information with Spyier. 

  2. Worried what your child is searching on the internet? Then don't worry anymore as Spyier offers you a detailed web-browser history tracking facility. Using this feature, you can find out what websites were visited and what was downloaded from the internet. 

  3. Apps are the easiest way to make things easier and messier depending upon the usage. So, make sure that your love is using the right apps in the right manner with Spyier's app installation monitoring feature. You can also learn about which app was used when. 

  4. Is your spouse lying about the office meeting which actually was a date or your kids are having night-outs every alternative day? Find out the truth with the location tracking facility of Spyier. You can also set geo-fence to get notified when it is crossed.

  5. Ah! Social Media. It's here to support all those dirty things which we never want for us or our loved ones if not used properly. Track the social media activity of the target and find out whether s/he is using it right or not. 

  6. Instagram, Line, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and many more can be tracked. 

The Crux: Track WhatsApp now and avoid any unforeseen event in future 

In no time, the most loved personal chatting app, WhatsApp, can turn into a bane and boon.  Before it happens to you or your loved ones, you must take proper action and start spying on WhatsApp with Spyier. With this spy app, nothing will go wrong. 

This best WhatsApp spy app, you can learn about every activity happening on the targeted WhatsApp account without getting caught in the act. So, no more worries. Just the risk-free and hassle-free WhatsApp monitoring!