Mothers are supposed to be loving and caring for their children, but an Ohio Woman committed one of the worst crimes. In a hotel room where she stayed, a boy was found dead. Later, the mom was arrested as the law caught up with her.

In Laurel Mississippi, what seemed to be a normal mother and son, staying together in the hotel ended up in a nightmar. Latina Marie Oates, 33, of Powell, Ohio, checked-in the hotel with her 11-year old son, Joshua Oats and what happened next was a heinous act that is rarely seen in a mother.

Soon after checking in and leaving, the hotel staff discovered the dead body of the 11-year old boy Joshua inside their room. When Marie Oates entered the hotel, she may have had no intention of leaving with Joshua, making the hotel his final resting place.

Despite the cruel murder of her son, her escape from the hotel was brief as the law caught her in New Orleans last Wednesday.

According to Mississippi Police Chief Tommy Cox, Latina from Powell, Ohio was apprehended at 9 a.m. Wednesday in New Orleans.

She was charged by the police for first-degree murder in the death of Joshua Oates, added Police chief Cox.

There were two other her children with her,Mark Anthony Oates (9-years old), and Justin Lamar Oates (6-years old). Both were found unharmed despite what happened to their older brother Joshua at the Mississippi Hotel.

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When found on Wednesday with their mother, the police took custody of the two children, fearing the mother would attempt to harm either of the two little boys. They are now under child welfare authorities until their guardians come for them. Police have gotten in touch with their immediate family in Ohio, who are coming to get them.

In a news conference, in a Wednesday morning broadcast by WDAM-TV Cox, he said that the children are safe, and their mother is in their custody as well.

They were able to get a tip that helped Mississippi Police Chief Tommy Cox find her in New Orleans and arrest her inside the car in a driveway. No details were given by the authorities other than that.

It was Tuesday when the child's body was found lying in the hotel bathroom. Cox added that it was a bad scene and said no more, but implied it was not anything pleasant at all. An autopsy of the child's body was to be scheduled on a Wednesday by the coroner.

When the body of Joshua was discovered, both Mississippi and Louisiana put out warnings that the two boys were in danger from their mother. A surveillance video showing Oates about to leave a Hampton Inn with the unharmed children.

Cox added that Oates and her children stayed in a hotel on Saturday. No one knows if there was someone else, although investigators are looking into whether Latina has a relative nearby. The mom will soon be tried for murder.

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