Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom always praised China for its efforts to contain the virus. Because of that, he became a subject of  a blame game as people consider him as one of the reasons why coronvirus has become a pandemic. As of March 23, the total cases of COVID-19 wordlwide is 349,751 with 15,306 deaths, and 100,345 recovered patients based on worldometers.

Last Friday, the WHO chief mentioned the efforts of the Chinese in dealing with COVID-19. He also tweeted about the impressive performance of Xi Jinping who is leading the charge against the pathogen.

The current news is positive saying that Wuhan, the ground zero of the COVID-19 contagion, has beaten the disease according to the Chinese head Xi Jinping. Reports indicate that there are zero new cases for coronavirus, which is indeed a reason to celebrate. When the question about the WHO chief and the Chinese leader's relationship was raised, Xi Jinping seems to put it off.

Last March 11, WHO declared the coronavirus a global pandemic after months of infecting thousands of people around the world. Some would praise the World Health Organization, but Bradley Thayer, a political science professor at the University of Texas, San Antonio, and Lianchao Han, the vice president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China voiced their opinions.

Both asked why the WHO chief only declared coronavirus as a pandemic on March 11 when the disease has advanced and brought devastation to the world's population.

The statistic is high, with many cases and Italy now surpassing China in deaths, the U.S. had a 51.3% jump and with 14,250 cases. Death toll is now 205% from 36.7%, and more than 10,000 are already dead from the diease with no cure yet.

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Wuhan is the center of coronavirus where it all started, with the first case in late November that has been understated. The world is now in lockdown and everyone is affected with no exception. Schools are closed and economies are endangered, facing recession.

Many events were cancelled including G7, which was supposed to be held at Camp David in June. Many countries are rushing to contain and delay COVID-19, while China is being the model on how to save their respective countries.

The Hills reports  that Tedros was not concerned about the crisis, but politicized the virus and helped Xi disown any hand in the worldwide outbreak. It further adds that the WHO Chief is actively defending the Chinese regime from gross violation of human rights. It is even said that Tedros, who was elected as WHO Chief in 2017, doest not deserve his position because apart from not being a trained medical doctor, he lack experience in managing global health issues.

Other sources added, "The coronavirus pandemic has shown that Tedros is not fit to lead the WHO," they said. "Because of his leadership, the world may have missed a critical window to halt the pandemic or mitigate its virulence."

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