In these trying times when the pandemic is causing people to stockpile vital supplies, it is important that people only buy what is needed. With COVID-19 rising cases and deaths, there's a method to avoid the madness of people who are grabbing what they don't really need.

To get a compelete guide about how to deal with pandemics, you may visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security emergency and disaster prep site and

How long should the emergency supply last?

To be safe make leeway for about a two-week supply of food. But make sure that all the real necessities are stored. CNBC reports that drugs and prescriptions are one of the important supplies needed for a lockdown.

Do periodic checks of any prescription drugs that are in sufficient supply, and have enough pain killers, cough and cold meds in the first aid kit prepped as a precaution. Always have a first aid kit ready at all times, for any emergency that can be dealt with at home. For example, pack supplies for cuts, scrapes, swelling, sprains, strains, and a lot more emergencies.

Why is it crucial to know what should be done?

Regina Phelps, a pandemic planner and crisis management expert, she stated what is the specific priority to worry about.

There are two responses by people or companies. One is developing a planned response that they will be needing crucial items as indispensable. The opposite is just getting anything that is frivolous, which is more natural.

One drawback is the "natural response" of buyers which will lead them to buy expensive things that are actually not necessary.

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Unnecessary things to buy in a pandemic

Panic buying or not being well-prepared with the right mindset, may result into buying uneccessary things. This would include items that does not help in securing yourself and your loved ones. When shopping, avoid the following:

1. Food items that you do not eat

Always have a list of food or emergency items that are basic and inexpensive. Do not be like others who just randomly get stuff they would not eat. That is a no-no because you might end up not consuming it. Be smart and strategic in buying the items that you need.

2. Masks

Preppers will not always need masks for the COVID-19. It is okay to have enough face masks. Do not buy to many because people who are sick and those in the medical service needs it the most.  

3. Fancy and specialized cleaning solutions

In a panic, many will go insane getting their hands on expensive, and fancy cleaning supplies. Many people hoard on these supplies. But you can actually buy the basics like bleach and hand soap that is cheaper with the same quality as the expensive ones.

4. Get extreme with air filter

This is not very important because they could not filter the air fully or reduce the risk of getting coronavirus, and they are unnecessarily expensive.

The COVID-19 is scary. Due to panic, many end up buying things they don't need to buy in a pandemic. Hence, consider the tips above on what you need to buy and be smart and strategic to beat the curve.

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