When was the last time you got your mobile phone cleaned? There's proper way to disinfect the phone from coronavirus. This is a crucial step to avoid spreading and to help delay transmission when containment fails. Cleaning a mobile phone is one of the simplest ways to avoid getting infected and passing infections.

Cleaning your mobile phone: Doing it the right way

Although cleaning is easy, there are steps you can take to make sure that your mobile phone is virus free. Here's what is needed to clean your smartphone:

 1. Use microfiber to lessen chances of scratching the phone screen, better than paper towels that might scratch the screen. Using the cloth will not kill bacteria but remove it from the device, don't forget to sterilize the cloth and wash with soap and water to be sure.

 2. Another option is technology cleaners that are best formulated to clean gadgets and screens that should kill bacteria and viruses, without any streaks.

 3. Viruses might live on the unreachable parts like nooks and crannies. Use damp cotton swabs to clean all spots that includes input jacks or memory card slots on the surface.

4. Another option is Ultraviolet light and PhoneSoap that are both used to flash and kill microscopic bacteria.

 5. One other option is anti-bacteria wipes that will kill bacteria though it should be done sparingly with chemicals that might damage the phone.

Cleaning solutions that should be avoided for cleaning

1. Never use any window cleaning spray, that is too harsh on any mobile phone if it is used even once then avoid it. Certain screens may have anti-oil and waterproofing that will be damaged chemical erosion slowly, not instantly.

2. Paper towels can scratch the screen on fragile smartphones, which is not generally recommended.

3. Avoid using rubbing alcohol or sprays, whether it is pure or with some water added that will kill the germs or any smartphone.

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4. Avoid most household cleaning products, even if it kills about 99% of pathogens make it a safer option, chemicals are more concentrated than other items in the not to use list.

5. Though vinegar is a natural acid and even when its mixed with water to lessen the strength, there is still a chance to strip the screen coat of any smartphones.

 6. Not cleaning any mobile phone is not a major concern, but not cleaning it will increase chances of the coronavirus taking root, without knowing it. Chances of getting it or transmitting or getting it is probable.

Fun facts about your mobile phone and cleanliness

1. In a survey, respondents answered the following:

18.5 %- smartphone was cleaned weekly

14%- the smartphone was disinfected once a month.

Wherever anyone lies in the percentile, cleaning was done at least once a month.

2. There are several mobile users, one who keeps it out of the bathroom and the other who does not admit taking it with them.

3. A personal mobile goes where anyone goes, like a lounge, the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, the pub. This is an opportunity for the coronavirus to hitch a ride on the screen, and be the cause of an infection.

Now, what to do?

 Smartphones are always collecting bacteria, dirt and debris, and pathogens like the coronavirus that caused COVID-19. It is time to know how to disinfect a mobile phone without damaging it.


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