The White House released a statement that President Donald Trump will get a coronavirus test to verify if he is positive with the infection. To reacall, he was exposed to the Brazilian aide who was diagnosed as positive recently.

The U.S. leader remarked that there was lots of work to be done in a Friday event in the Rose Garden. He also added that he was not with known symptoms and did not have much contact with the Brazilian official.

White House officials went active last Friday when rumors that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro could be infected by the contagion. The Brazilian President was met by Trump at the Mar-a-Lago last Saturday when the news of infection was received. With that, White House personnel were very concerned.

Fortunately, the reports of probable infection were wrong, when the Brazilian leader got a negative result on his test. It now increases the concern that President Trump was exposed to one individual that tested positive. Exposure under other circumstances will result in self-quarantine measures and tests are mandatory on the U.S. leader.

An earlier statement from the White House said that Trump or Vice President Mike Pence would be tested themselves. Both will undergo testing for infection even with two aides to Bolsonaro were detected as carriers of the disease. In Washington, the Brazilian embassy said on Friday that another official Brazilian Chargé d'Affaires Nestor Forster got a positive infection when added to the other infected official. Reports said that Forster was at the same table as President Trump during the Mar-a-Lago dinner in the weekend. Surprise news came when Brazilian Sen. Nelsinho Trad was positive for the contagion too.

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Given the exposure to the two positive Brazilian officials, all the aides were not deciding whether Trump should be tested.

Taking the test was recommended by those around him, but they are waiting for the President to declare that he want to take the test. In front of reporters and cameras during the press con, he said that he will likely take the test.

President Trump was not sold on taking the test, but again the source remarked that he would take it. So far, there has been no official announcement when he is going to be tested as well.

Trump was resistant to the idea but was ultimately convinced he should do it, the source said. It's still unknown when the test will occur or if it has already happened.

No confirmation from the White House has been issued, whether their statement on Thursday said the President has been tested for the coronavirus.

Last Friday, the White House that the presidential daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump is working from her residence when she had contact with an Australian official who was confirmed positive for the virus.

Later the White House reported on Thursday, that the president and vice-president had no symptoms of the contagion, but asymptomatic people could spread the virus and the sickness can manifest in five days after the contact.

 Still, there are some questions about why President Trump has not been tested for the coronavirus yet. When it is critical when meeting with other heads of state.

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