Indian Navy Mig-29k Fighter Plane Crash
(Photo : Pixabay/skeeze)
A Mig-29K crashed due to unknown problems that are to be investigated. Navy officials said the pilot is safe after he ejected from the plane safely.

One of the Indian Navy's MiG-29K fighter plane crashed while on a sortie mission in Goa on Sunday. Officials report that no one died in the said aerial mishap.

Events related to when the fighter's crash, indicated that the craft suffered a malfunction during the sortie off the coast of Goa. The exact time of the crash happened at 10.30 am Sunday.

No fatalities were reported as the pilot ejected from the fighter craft, without acquiring any injuries from the accident. Said pilot has been rescued following the mishap.

Commenting on the MiG-29K crash, officers of the Indian Navy will investigate the crash incident, as ordered. The goal of the investigation is to find possible factor leading to the malfunction that caused the accident.

According to the series of events that lead to the crash, which was caused by developing a technical problem with its systems, that caused avionics to fail. This dual engine and single seat air superiority fighter was originally flying from the INS Hansa base at Vasco in South Goa.

Before this incident, another MiG-29K crashed about three months earlier, in a village that is found in Goa on November 16, 2019.

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The site of the crash of the Navy MiG-29 was on rocky plateau, in the edges of Verna which is 15 kilometers away the Panaji state capital. Due to the pilot's skill, he was able to prevent the fighter plane from hitting areas with people in it. Eventually the pilot ejected safely without any accidental deaths.

One of the most likely reasons for the November 2019 crash, is caused by a flame out on the left thruster, with right engine bursting because a bird flew into the right jet engine, causing the fighter jet to lose power, and the engine stalled and went downwards to a fiery crash.

More troubles with planes falling for the sky has been recorded way back January 2018. It was the same type of plane, which another Mig-29K that had a mishap. The fighter was on the runway and it turned sharply that led to its crash in the INS Hamsa base. This time a trainee pilot, not yet a fully trained pilot had gotten out in time before the jet caught in flames. All flights were shut down because of the accident.

It seems that the Goa airport has its share of accidents that involves several Mig-29Ks. One incident is another naval Mig-29K that accidentally released it auxiliary fuel, that began a fire in the runway. This was commented, by a tweet from the Indian Navy that the released tank has been dealt with.

A Navy source also added that the plane is on its way to Dabolim airfield. The cause of the runway fire is spilt fuel from the container. The spokesman added that the MiG-29K is safe with no problem with it.

The MiG-29K is one of the most capable fighter-interceptor that find an equivalent in the F-16 Fighting Falcon. This variant, the Indian Navy's MiG-29K fighter plane has been involved in more than one crash and comes in several variants. Although it is still flying, the Indian Navy is still intent of finding the cause to stop the crashes.

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