The China coronavirus had a mysterious turn of events as a government official requested the Red Cross worker for supplies. This was captured and livestreamed online that drew the ire of Chinese netizens. It became the subject of online media, as the license plate was searched online by many users.

According to the Wuhan officials, Red Cross later gave the mask supplies to be given to medical helpers and citizens. The individual was not identified by the Red Cross representatives.

Shortage of supplies have been bad and hospital are in dire need of them. Even with the Red Cross and other organizations pitching in, and even with significant donations, it is not getting better. With 600 dead from the coronavirus, and more rising in coming days, China is suffering from a lockdown to control the disease.

Supplies are urgent and lacking

The Wuhan situation has gotten worse with dwindling supplies that need to be replenished. Wuhan Children's Hospital went to social media for donations needed.

Donations did come in from China and humanitarian missions overseas assisted the stressed hospital. To aid in giving supplies to those affected by the China coronavirus.

Staff from the hospital and local volunteers got the supplies and brought it to a makeshift hospital on Feb. 4. Tracy Liu from Jiangsu province, now living in America, set up groups on WeChat to help generate needed supplies for the Red Cross, that were used by disease control specialists.

First shipments from her efforts, arrive in Wuhan but she had to deal with the red tape to get the shipments to the stricken Wuhanese.

No supplies have reached the intended recipients in Wuhan, said Liu. Shunfeng, the delivery company, said that they prioritize deliveries to charities and government offices.

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The donation was not only from Tracy Liu but also Chinese mainlanders sent supplies to the Wuhan Red Cross too. However, all these donations are not getting to the health workers, staving off the disease in hospitals, where it is life or death.

Hospitals are ill-equipped to deal with the rising contagion

 A doctor in Huanggang that came second to Wuhan affected by the coronavirus outbreak, said that there are not enough supplies to protect them from viral infection. Only 500 N95 masks were given by the red cross at their supply centers.

The problem with getting the substandard supplies and items are rampant, which is caused by high demand for them stated by state media.

Aftermath of what happened in the Red Cross

Failed handling of the Wuhan situation has resulted in the sacking of officials in both the Red Cross and the Wuhan government.

While the epidemic is taking a turn for the worse, with supplies and equipment not going where they should. The actions that the Red Cross took in dealing with the China coronavirus has been less than satisfactory.

Mismanagement of the supplies and the glaring problem with transparency and its action is now in focus. As the government attempts to control and bring all anti-corona virus assets in track, which is not getting any better.

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