Reports have been circulating in tabloids this week about Lady Gaga's rumored pregnancy just a week after the pop star publicized her latest relationship in Instagram.

According to Gossip Cop, a supposed insider in a tabloid called NW said that Mother Monster has allegedly always wanted to be a mother and feels like this is already the right time to have a baby. The tabloid also said that the "Poker Face" singer is already expecting to have a baby with her new boyfriend Michael Polansky.

In addition the supposed source added that the pregnancy was not planned as Polansky allegedly stated he is happy to go from a holiday fling to baby daddy.

The tabloid also said that Gaga had eyes on her "A Star is Born" co-star Bradley Cooper to be her baby daddy but Cooper was reportedly not ready to commit. Thus, prompting Gaga to throw caution to the wind with her new boyfriend.

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Amid the claims, Gossip Cop checked in with a source who assured that Mother Monster is not pregnant. Apparently, the source that NW referred to is lying about what they know about Gaga's life or simply does not exist. The tabloid's report is also contradicting saying in one statement that Gaga got with Polansky to satisfy her biological clock and saying in another that the baby was not planned at all.

In addition, the claims cannot be true due to the fact that Gaga still has her Las Vegas concert residency is still pushing through until May. Whilst the tabloid claims that Gaga is already two months along, this would make the pop star six months into pregnancy by May where she would be continuously performing every night.

It can be recalled that Lady Gaga and Polansky only officially revealed their relationship during the Super Bowl in Miami Gardens, Florida, February 2. During the Super Bowl's halftime show, the couple were even spotted dancing along to Shakira's "Waka Waka" performance.

Polansky seemed really smitten with the pop star during the whole event and kept his hands around her the entire time.

After which, Gaga posted in Instagram a photo of her wrapped up in Polansky's arm in a yacht in Miami. In the photo, Gaga was wearing a fishnet cover up over her blue bikini while on sitting on Polansky's lap.

The two were first spotted in an intimate moment on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas sharing a sweet kiss on their lips.

Gaga is yet to give her statement about the pregnancy rumors that are circulating around tabloids. But as of the moment there are no concrete evidence that proves that the "Paparazzi" singer is indeed expecting a baby this year.

Moreover, the tabloid has been known to spread fake celebrity pregnancy rumors. The same tabloid also made a story about Miley Cyrus getting pregnant just to spite Liam Hemsworth and another story about Jennifer Aniston pregnant with Brad Pitt's baby.

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