With today's youth rarely putting down their phones, and their lives revolving in the likes, reacts, and shares that they get in social media, it's almost next to impossible to see young adults with their nose in books.

However, despite technology taking over the lives of most teens nowadays, there are still some who love the adventure brought by every flip of a page and the excitement of finally knowing what happens in the next chapter. For those who are ready to take new adventures in the pages and the realm of their imagination, here are five of the top best selling young adult books out there.

1. "Regretting You" by Colleen Hoover

First on the list is a novel by International and New York Times' bestselling author Colleen Hoover. Her latest novel entitled "Regretting You," is a story about a mother and daughter who are different in every way possible. The mother Morgan is trying to prevent her sixteen-year-old daughter, Clara, from making the same mistakes that she did in her youth. The two are only bounded together by Clara's father Christ, who got into an accident which changed their lives.

In the aftermath of the accident, the mother and daughter pair struggle to keep their lives together and keep their relationship in check. This book is Wall Street Journal's No. 1 bestseller and is perfect for young adults who are struggling to understand their parents. It tackles family, betrayal, first love, and grief and will surely touch the hearts of daughter and mother's out there.

2. "Recruitment" by K.A. Riley

The first novel in "The Resistance" trilogy is second on our list. "Recruitment", a novel about a dystopian future. After the success of "The Hunger Games" trilogy and the "Divergent" series, novels in this genre had certainly caught the attention and brought about adventures book lovers went into before the moviegoers did.

In "Recruitment," author K.A. Riley bring us to Valta, a place where everyone's birthday is November 1, no matter when you were born. The day marks the anniversary that the Valtan government declared war against the Eastern Order. When one turns 17, recruiters come and take you to train, after which nobody ever hears from you again. The story is about the adventure of Kress, her friends and their recruitment to the Resistance.

3. "The Running Dream" by Wendelin Van Draanen

"The Running Dream" takes the next spot on our list. This ALA's Schneider Family Award-winning novel is about the struggle of a runner who lost her leg in an accident and was told she could never run again. After her accident, Jessica's life is turned upside down as she feels invisible and in the spotlight as she walks with her prosthetic legs. Until she meets Rosa, a girl with Cerebral Palsy who was supposed to tutor her with math but saw into her heart instead.

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With the support of her family, coach, teammates and friends, Jessica finds a way to be able to run again, but this time she wants to take Rosa with her to the finish line. The book which tackled on an adventure and rising from rock bottom has caught the attention of people around the world, including Paralympic Gold Medalist, Katrin Green who said that the novel was a touching story and felt very real.

4. "That Boy" by Jillian Dodd

From USA Today's bestselling author Jillian Dodd comes the next book on our top 5 best selling young adults books, "That Boy." The number one young adult book in contemporary romance is a story about a girl and two boys she has as friends. The first one is Danny, the hot quarterback and adventure-loving golden boy, then there's Philip, the adorable best friend who keeps her out of trouble and is always there to talk to.

The story revolves about figuring out who the one boy she will fall in love with is, and if who is really "That Boy." The book is the first novel in the "That Boy" series which will surely be loved by love bugs, football fans and those who are into small town romance.

5. "Ash Princess" by Laura Sebastian

Laura Sebastian's "Ash Princess" is the fifth on our list but is surely not the least. The instant New York Times Bestseller is a sci-fi fantasy about Theodesia, daughter of the Fire Queen who was murdered when their country was invaded, leaving six-year-old Theo in captivity. Theo was then given the title "Ash Princess" as a title of shame by Kaiser the invader who took everything from her. Ten years later, after the suffering she has experienced, and after witnessing people enslaves, Theo has had enough and will finally make a stand. Bustle has described it as a dark, enchanting page-turner that one can not put down.

These are only 5 of the best selling novels for young adults that they will surely love. A whole new world is waiting out there for book lovers who hadn't grabbed copies of these yet.

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