The east coast of Australia was covered with torrential rains which extinguish almost one third of the bush fires in the region. Officials said that it may be able to put out more.

The heavy and widespread rain over the skies of New south Wales (NSW) was able to put out 33% of the fires within the state, February 6.

Although authorities have welcomed the downpour which dampen the long blazing bush fires, there have been warnings of flash floods along Sydney and other coastal cities.

This has been the most rain that has been recorded in a year for some areas in Australia who have been experiencing blazing heat all year long according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

On Friday, Sydney has recorded the wettest day in almost over a year making many residents happy despite the inconvenience caused by the rain and flooding.

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Sydney's Lord Mayor, Clover Moore took it to twitter to celebrate saying how fantastic it was to wake up to the much-needed and long awaited Australian rain.

Rain has been overdue in NSW after over three years of drought which escalated the intensity of the bush fires over the summer. This made the fire officials in the state ecstatic after seeing weather forecasts indicating a week-long downpour.

According to Angela Burford, spokeswoman of the NSW Rural Fire Services (NSWRFS) this steady and constant rainfall is what they have been praying for for months. She added that this isn't just one of the scattered rain showers that they experienced a month ago, thus giving the firefighters the rest they need which was months overdue.

However, she added that whilst some places have already experienced heavy rainfall, some places where the lagest blazes occurred still only experienced very limited rainfall and are still of concern.

Although rain was much awaited in Australia, the heavy downpour did cause quite an inconvenience.

On February 7, Friday, the biggest rainfall in the last 20 years in Australia, caused flooded roads and stranded some vehicles. Australian authorities have already issued severe wet weather warnings in 621 miles of NSW with heavy rainfall, abnormally high tides and damaging winds.While in Norther NSW, 280mm of rain was already recorded in the town of Byron Bay. Locals described the downpour as much heavier than the rain they experienced in a cyclone in 2017.

Many have already been rescued in trapped cars amid the rising flood levels and there have been over 1,000 calls asking for help and rescue in Queensland and NSW.

Meanwhile, despite the flood and heavy downpour, NSWRFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said that the rainfall in a very welcome disruption to the weather pattern and has caused relief to many residents.

However, officials have warned that the peak of danger from fires may still come to southern states of South Australia and Victoria.

It can be recalled that in September, around 11.7 million hectares of Australia's wild was ravaged by bush fires which even killed 33 people and more than a billion of their wildlife perished in the killer fires.

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