Keeping fit is important, and you do not need a gym to work out most of the time. These exercise must-haves are simple to use for the home and do not require expensive accessories. Most of them are portable which is a boost for those on-the-go when going to the gym is not an option.

1. Whatafit Resistance Bands Set (11pcs)

These bands are portable and offer resistance to several kinds of exercises it can be used for. Do all the toning for arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs, and for whole body workout when a gym is not accessible. Bring this exercise must-have, and keep fit anywhere.

It features multiple resistance bands that come in different colors, and combine more than one for 150 -lbs. of total resistance. This is made of the best materials for long use and utmost durability in a superior product. You can customize the bands for any exercise needed, to target any muscle group. Get a life time guarantee when getting this portable home gym.

2. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709

One of the best ways to keep healthy and lose weight is a low impact exercise. Adjusting the tension will simulate other conditions and make it more interesting.

Easy to get on and get off with a design perfect for convenient cycling at home. Select several resistance levels to use and adjust when using it. It also has easy to read LCD where you can see what setting is in used per session. It comes with padded seats and counterbalanced pedals that make it convenient to use.

3. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Smartwatches help us monitor our heart rate and keep track of what is happening by checking it while working out. This smartwatch has many functions that do more than monitor your health.

It has a sleep monitor that checks on the amount of sleep each night. You can link it up with Amazon Alexa to control connected device in the house. For better convenience, you can use smart apps as well.

4. Sport2people Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

Get this for any day of the year exercise without the use of heavyweight accessories. Using this, you can also do customized sets. These stretch bands simulate weight but without the strain, you can use them to better health and fitness.

Aside from being portable and convenient to take anywhere, it also comes with storage for convenience. Included are instructions to use these bands, for better exercise variety. This can help you with easy to do exercise, even if you haven't been to a gym.

5. BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym

If bands are not enough, the body boss will be one of your exercise must-haves, it comes with everything you need in a convenient set. All the exercises needed to give a full-body workout, anywhere and anyplace.

Complete home gym for all ages, that is very portable. Workout your upper or lower body, with select accessories that come with it. Get a free workout program to optimize your investment in this portable gym. Get this useful home gym when working out is not always an option, for those with busy lifestyles.