With the NBA in-season trade deals window closing on February 6, trade rumors are circulating in the basketball community, especially in the western conference two weeks before the 2020 NBA All-star game on February 16.

In the past few weeks, teams have been contemplating possible trades, and as the deadline approaches, they may be looking to dump or add players on their roster, bringing speculations on what would happen and who would be traded.

Led by a healthy and recovered Zion Williamson, the New Orleans Pelicans are still in the picture for playoffs. However, rumor has it that they would consider trading point guard Jrue Holiday if given the right price.

According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, there are two teams that are interested in brokering a deal for Holiday, namely the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat. However, making a deal without a three-way team trade may be difficult, Lowe added.

Also, Lowe pointed out that if Miami included Tyler Herro to the trade picture, it could possibly cut a deal for Holiday. However, sources say this is unlikely to happen.

For Holiday's team, however, trading him for the right price makes sense. Although Jrue is still under contract for until 2012-22, that is his player option year. Thus, if the Pelicans believe he would not stay throughout the rebuild, trading him for younger players may be the best way to go.

The 29-year old player, however, has not shown any interest in leaving New Orleans and, as sources say he is very happy with his team thus the commitment to the team and City, according to The Athletics.

Whilst, the rumors may be true, the pelicans are not expected to let go of Holiday unless blown away by an offer.

On the other hand, in Houston, Rockets center Clint Capela is likely to move to the East. According to ESPN, the Rockets have been shopping around teams in the Eastern Conference in exchange for Capella.

In addition, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that the Rockets are currently having talks about three-way trade possibilities wherein they can gather the draft assets they need to get a wing player according to NBA sources. Also, the rockets are hoping to broker a deal or two that would give them a wing player and a center to replace Capela.

Capela would be a good target for teams rebuilding their roster, this will also be a win situation for the James Harden and Russel Westbrook led Rockets, the team from Houston could highly benefit from an impactful wing player in place of Capela.

Meanwhile, having benefited from off-season changes and making a record of 34-15, the Los Angeles Clippers are said to be making more. During the off-season the Clippers have made big changes to their team by acquiring Paul George in a trade and signing with NBA 2019 Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard.

According to New York Times' Marc Stein, the Clippers are concerned about adding depth and size to their line up, to build-up muscle for a possible playoff with rivals from LA, the Lakers.

Speculations continue to grow as teams make their move to improve until the coming deadline.

NBA trade windows close at 3 PM on Wednesday.