NBA News: 40-Point Lead by James Harden Proves Too Much for Zion Williamson to Overturn
(Photo : Reuters)
Recent NBA news is abuzz with James Harden hitting a 40-point lead over the New Orleans Pelicans overpowering rookie Zion Williamson. The last game ended the triple streak of the Pelicans, as the Rockets kept the pressure to win.

The highlight of the game between the Rockets and the Pelican was a heart-stopper and ended the straight triple win, at the hands of the Houston Rockets. Best performance of the game went to James Harden. He made 40 big points to cap the victory over the Pelicans.

Recent NBA news highlight the game between the Rockets and the Pelican ending with a heart-stopper straight triple win, at the hands of the Houston Rockets. Best performance of the game went to James Harden as he garner 40 big points to cap the victory over the Pelicans.

In the Sunday game, the Houston Rockets were victorious by scoring 117-109, which the New Orleans Pelican got beaten in an 11-point lead. But, to the Pelicans credit, the rookie Zion Williamson made 21 points and 10 rebounds despite their 3-streak win.

Harden did not disappoint making nine assists, ten rebounds, and if that was not enough, a 26-pointer was made in the first quarter. Though shooting hot during the first half, in the second the steam was lost. Even then, Harden still got another game in the bag with 30 points that capped the Pelican's fate. Still working on the slump, and scoring less than 30 on the four games previously.

Several rallies during the Rockets and Pelicans game helped New Orleans lop off the lead from 110-107 in the last two minutes of the epic game. Players who made the big push to lessen the lead were Jrue Holiday, with three points scored. Another was Josh Hart who sliced the lead in the remaining last two minutes.

Even Eric Gordon was on fire, and made the shot which scored as well. Daniel House, not to be left in the blue, fired off a three-point shot hitting the mark to score three-points. After this shot, it buried the Pelicans with less than 60 crucial seconds, to assure a hard-fought win by the Houston Rockets. One of the pelican players, Brandon Ingram made 28 shots and 12 rebounds during the progress of the game.

The small lineup of the Houston Rockets took the court when center Clint Capela did not play his second and third in a four-game set. This is because of his bruised right heel which prevented him from playing. Other Houston Players, like Russel Westbrook, had 22 points than increased the lead. Meanwhile, Ben McLemore right off the best hit the court and handily added 22 points to the score.

The Pelicans had a one-point lead in the fourth quarter scoring four points at 97-92. Not to be left out, Harden scored a three pointer, passing to Westbrook to make a layup. Hence tying the points 10 minutes before the quarter.

Pelicans were not down but had two points up in the fourth when House hit a 3-pointer to give the Rockets a 102-101 lead. It was a frenzy as both missed a lot, but Houston hit a layup on the mark by House with seven frenzied minutes left. Another layup sealed the deal, courtesy of Harden that buried New Orleans by 5 points.

Big pushes by the players of the New Orleans was a field goal, after more than four minutes slicing the lead to 106-103 in the middle of the last quarter. Both teams failed many shots as in 150 seconds left to go. There were Houston free throws to 9-2, and zipped to 108-103 in the last few minutes.

Rockets and the Pelicans were close and Houston strongly leads to 93-92 in the last quarter. McLemore drove in two of the three free throws, by a foul.