The Full Package - By Design

A Ultimate Banners the wide roller banners printer, we know a thing or two about design.  One of those things is the fact that branding and product design are so closely connected that you can't work on one without the other.  Creating strong branding and effective product packaging requires great, customer-centric design.  This is of such paramount importance that you shouldn't even think about launching a product without it.  The following is our guide to effective branding and product and packaging design.

Start with your story

For a brand to be successful - and for it to resonate with customers - it needs a personality and a story which should be the central hub to everything the brand does.  This story should include history, values, vision and the brand's mission.  When designing your brand, you need to think about the beliefs which drive it and, the things that make it unique.  These are the things which will make up the brand personality and, will guide you regarding branding, logo and slogans.

Create your model

Now that you've got your story straight, it's time to create a persona.  Basically, this is a way of thinking about your brand as a living, breathing creature with a personality and a unique look.  By doing this, you'll get a good idea of what kind of design will resonate with your customers.

Do your research

Although your product and packaging design is up to you, it's worth researching the images and colours which are attractive to your target customer.  For example, green is commonly used for healthcare products and packaging as it is associated with nature and with reliability.

Consistency is king

Once you have your design, don't be tempted to 'mix things up' by changing it regularly.  For a brand to be considered reliable - and to, therefore, attract loyal customers, branding and packaging needs to remain constant and consistent.

Don't skimp on packaging

For many consumers, the packaging is actually part of the product.  Consider, for example, a bottle of perfume - the scent itself is the actual product but, for most consumers, the bottle is almost as important.  The quality of your packaging should always match the quality of the product.

Get creative

People always remember expertly designed packaging.  Take a leaf out of Note's book with it's quirky and practical earphone packaging design.

7 Tips For Building Your Brand With Product and Packaging Design

Less is more

Always resist the urge to over-design.  When it comes to effective, recognisable product and packaging design, simple really is best.

By thinking about your product and packaging design as an extension of your brand, you can ensure a consistent and effective brand for years to come.

This article was contributed by ben. You can visit his website here This article was contributed by ben. You can visit his website here Ultimate Banners are the premier British printer and sign maker based in Birmingham UK.